Where Is Jake Paul’s Bodyguard? Jake Paul Pays Tribute to “Shadow” After Askren’s Knockout

Jake Paul has garnered a large fan base thanks to his offbeat behaviors. On April 17, however, the public got a glimpse of a new aspect of the online sensation. The 24-year-old fought Bellator MMA champion, Ben Askren, at the Mercedes Benz Stadium and knocked him out in under two minutes, causing him to cry and exult in the ring. Paul also expounded on his feelings following the bout during a brief post-match news conference.

Where Did Jake Paul’s Security Guy Go? What Paul Felt Following Askren’s Knockout

Paul said he was overcome with emotion after the fight because of everything he’s been through recently. That’s a lot of hard s**t I had to stick through. Allegations. Death. It’s a long list,” Paul continued.
jake paul bodyguard shadow dead
Justine Paradise, another social media celebrity, accused Jake of sexually abusing her earlier this month, saying that the influencer had forced her to have oral sex with him in 2019. In spite of this, as Paul was processing the accusations, he received some additional devastating news that “broke” his heart.

Who Was Shadow, Jake Paul’s Security Guard? Death of Paul Bolivar

Paul’s close buddy and security detail member Shamir Bolivar, popularly known as “The Shadow,” went just a few days ago at the age of 46. Jake Paul released a statement on Instagram after hearing of Bolivar’s death, promising to “do our part” to continue Shadow’s work in the wake of his death.


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I wish I could wake up and have someone tell me it was all a bad dream since my heart is in so much pain right now. “You were such a wonderful person who supported me always,” Paul continued.

Where Did Jake Paul’s Security Guy Go?

It was said that Shamir Bolivar, better known by his alias “Shadow,” ran the security firm The Shadow Group Security and provided protection for celebrities. Bolivar had worked with many notable people at the company throughout his 14 years there, including the rapper 6ix9ine and the musician Paul. His death was originally reported on Facebook by rival security agency Alphalion Professional Protection Services.

Highlights of Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren the Apostle Paul’s Advice on Getting Past Difficult Times

The death of Paul’s friend Bolivar was one of the “weirdest difficult things I had to cope with in my life,” he stated at the post-fight press conference, making it tough for him to concentrate on the upcoming bout against Ben Askren.
According to Paul, Shadow never doubted him and was sure he’d win the fight against Askren right away. I had to stifle every feeling I had. Ultimately, Jake Paul said, “I had to keep focused,” adding that he is still struggling to come to terms with Bolivar’s death.

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