British Music Entrepreneur Jamal Edwards Net Worth, Childhood, Philanthropy & Cause Of Death

Jamal Edwards Net Worth

It is estimated that Jamal Edwards has a personal wealth of $10 million dollars. A British singer and actress from the West End, Brenda Edwards, finished fourth in season two of The X Factor. Jamal Edwards is his son. It was he who founded the Sony-owned music label Just Jam, as well as SB.TV.

Jamal and Brenda appeared in a Google Chrome commercial. When Jamal was 16 years old, he founded SB.TV by filming local MCs free styling using a video camera he received as a Christmas gift.

With millions of hits for musicians like Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, The Who, and Nicki Minaj, SB.TV functions as an internet broadcaster.

The number of views and followers that Jamal’s YouTube channel has amassed has surpassed the 100 million mark.

Jamal Edwards Dead: SBTV Founder, British Music Industry Leader Was 31 -  Variety

As of August 2010, SB.TV Global had been valued at almost $10 million. The new Simon Cowell has been dubbed Jamal.

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Edwards was raised in Acton, West London, with his mother Brenda Edwards, stepfather Patrick Edwards, and younger sister Tanisha after he was born in Luton, England. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is the ancestral home of Edwards’ family.

Inside Jamal Edwards' bond with Loose Women mum Brenda from stage school to  sweet TV kiss - OK! Magazine

During his childhood, he was introduced to the world of acting by his mother, who finished fourth on The X Factor in 2005’s second season. Aspirations for success in the music industry outweighed her desire for him to be a professional actor. ICT and music were two of his favourite topics at Acton High School.

He, on the other hand, found it difficult to get the marks he needed for college and was forced to stay in school for an additional year. To earn a BTEC qualification in Media Moving Image, he went to Ealing Green College, which is part of West London College.

He began rapping in high school, and he and his peers recorded and uploaded rap videos to YouTube. SBTV was born as a result of these videos, which he started making and selling. For four years, Edwards supported himself financially while running SBTV by working at the retailer Topman.


Jamal Edwards: 'Every young guy wanted to do what he was doing' - BBC News

Edwards helped inaugurate the Queen’s Young Leaders Program in 2014 by using a Twitter mirror to capture an image of Edwards, Prince William, and Prince Harry.

Edwards was also active in the fight to make people aware of the stigma associated with mental illness.

A documentary he did with The Guardian in March 2017 about male suicide featured interviews with some of his childhood friends who have struggled with their own mental health issues since they were young men themselves.

He resumed his investigation into mental health in the music business later that year.

In an interview with Music Week, Edwards was candid about his own issues, saying: “I’m plagued with anxiety at the most inconvenient moments.

I hoped to raise awareness of the issue. Regardless of how music serves as a gateway for me, I feel compelled to bring up these other topics as well.

People have started communicating to one other, which makes me glad.”

With the help of the mental health charity CALM, Edwards penned a piece for the web site The Book of Man that addressed the topic.

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Cause of Death

Dave, AJ Tracey pay tribute to Jamal Edwards, who has died at 31

On February 20, 2022, Edwards, age 31, died of a heart arrest at his mother’s house in Acton, London. Friends had already speculated that a heart attack had been the cause of death. He had just finished DJing at a party in north London the day before.

After his death was confirmed, a slew of well-known people made statements in response. Lady Leshurr, another SB.TV employee who worked with Edwards, described the development as “horrific.”

“Edwards “gave me opportunity after opportunity to display my talent from Brum into London,” she says. It’s important to keep his name and brand in front of the public’s eye.”

“His work in music but also as an ambassador for a new generation, especially his work for The Prince’s Trust, were an inspiration to so many,” Charles, Prince of Wales, the creator of The Prince’s Trust, wrote.