Who is James Hetfield’s New Girlfriend and What is Their Relationship Like?

James Hetfield is an American musician, singer, and songwriter, best known as the co-founder, lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist of the heavy metal band Metallica. Hetfield’s unique vocal style and aggressive guitar playing have helped to establish Metallica as one of the most successful and influential heavy metal bands of all time.

In addition to his work with Metallica, Hetfield has also released music as a solo artist and has collaborated with other musicians on various projects. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential musicians in the history of heavy metal.

Who is James Hetfield’s New Girlfriend?

james hetfield new girlfriend

Metallica fans often believe that James Hetfield’s new girlfriend is real. While we can confirm that she is Adriana Gillett, we can only say that Hetfield appears to benefit from her influence and that they appear to be extremely content as a pair.

James Hetfield was recently seen cuddling up to a woman and kissing her while they posed for pictures. The Metallica frontman will reportedly have a new girlfriend in 2023, it was recently announced. Adriana Gillett is the name of James’ new girlfriend, according to some of his close pals. The duo is claimed to be quite happy together and has apparently been dating for a few months.

Through an Instagram account, the couple’s initial photographs were posted online. Initially sharing the images, Adriana Gillett then turned her account private. Although there isn’t a formal problem concerning James Hetfield and his new partner, the pictures below show them cuddling and wearing white clothing.

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James Hetfield’s Personal Relationships and Privacy

james hetfield new girlfriend

Hetfield has a history of high-profile partnerships, as Metallica fans will remember. He had three children with Francesca Tomasi Hetfield, his first wife. James and his former wife separated after 25 years of marriage. The decision was initially made in Colorado in early 2022, according to a story from TMZ at the time.

The data were never made public, and Hetfield and Francesca kept it a secret from the media so they could maintain touch. In addition, a lot of people were shocked by the difficult choice because the couple appeared to be content with their union, with Hetfield often praising his wife.

Hetfield dated Christine, who served as the basis for Metallica’s smash song The Unforgiven before he wed Francesca. Although they were never married, their connection played a significant role in Hetfield’s life and career.

It makes sense for fans to be interested in the personal lives of their favorite superstars. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that just like everyone else, celebrities have a right to privacy. While it’s possible that James Hetfield prefers to keep his relationship with his partner and his personal life secret, we should accept his decision.

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A Quick Glance at James Hetfield and His Ex-Wife’s Relationship!

james hetfield new girlfriend

In the late 1990s, James Hetfield first met Francesca Tomasi, his ex-wife. After some time of dating, the couple decided to wed in 1997. Most likely, members of Metallica and other notable musicians were present at the wedding. However, after 25 years of marriage, the pair later decided to pursue a divorce in early 2022.

Francesca Tomasi, an accomplished professional with Argentinean roots, has experience creating costumes for movies and television programs. Although nothing is known about this Argentinean’s early years, it is certain that she migrated to America at some point because of the secondary school she attended.

Francesca attended Colorado’s Overland High School. She rarely speaks about her life before meeting James Hetfield because most interviews place her life and existence in the perspective of her marriage.

Despite the fact that James and Francesca have previously divorced, they share three children with the names Cali, Castor, and Marcella. Their oldest child, Cali, was born in 1998 and picked up the piano and guitar at a young age, carrying on her father’s musical heritage. Their lone child, Castor, was born in 2000 and has experience playing music with his father on drums.

The youngest Hetfield child, Marcella, is a talented equestrian and was born in 2002.