James McAvoy Weight Gain: The Incredible Bulk Transformation That’s Leaving Fans Speechless!

Actor James McAvoy is from Scotland. His feature film career began in 2003 after he made his acting debut as a teenager in The Near Room (1995). Prior to that, he mostly performed on television. His significant television credits include the suspense novel State of Play, the fantasy miniseries Children of Dune by Frank Herbert, and the BAFTA Award-winning drama Shameless on Channel 4.

He has acted in various West End shows, got four Laurence Olivier Award nominations for best actor, and provided the voices for several animated movies, including Arthur Christmas, Sherlock Gnomes, and Gnomeo & Juliet.

How James Mcavoy Gains His Weight?

james mcavoy weight gain

The part of Kevin Wendell Crumb is not simple to perform. Crumb has 23 multiple personas as a result of a dissociative identity disorder, including “The Beast,” a brute with irrational physical strength and other superhuman skills. In 2017’s Split and this year’s Glass, James McAvoy took on the character for the second time.

However, the new movie needed him to take The Beast to a higher level by having him appear in even more naked rampage sequences. McAvoy needed to bulk up with a solid exercise regimen to become ready. McAvoy merely searched the Internet for exercises to help him acquire muscle before the Split filming began.

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james mcavoy weight gain

Magnus Lygdback, a Swedish fitness expert who helped Ben Affleck bulk up for Justice League and Alexander Skarsgard become shredded for Legend Of Tarzan, was called by the actor this time. Lygdback rushed to Montreal where McAvoy was filming the most recent X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, with only 12 weeks to get his new client into monster form.

The job started practically right away. Before McAvoy arrived on set each morning, Lygdback would guide the actor through a dynamic bulking regimen. “James is one of those guys who loves the process,” Lygdback remarked. “We were able to get more done than I ever imagined because he had already been going to the gym and the framework was there.”

The workouts typically lasted an hour, with the remaining time spent discussing McAvoy’s nutrition. A component of Lygdback’s patented “Magnus Method” involves counseling for his customers’ dietary, psychological, and behavioral habits.

McAvoy said on Instagram, “Good old Magnus Lygdback had me eating a lot. “We did not track even one calorie. We tallied the macros. I believe a healthier method of tracking consumption.

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james mcavoy weight gain

Having the appropriate nourishment allowed McAvoy to work harder in the gym, beginning with the basics before incorporating more dynamic activities. He began by working out different muscle groups for 13 consecutive days; afterward, Lygdback added rest days to the schedule. The workouts changed as time went on; once McAvoy felt confident performing an exercise, they would increase the weight, decrease the repetitions, and perform pyramid sets.

McAvoy eventually put on 16 to 20 pounds of physical bulk, which made him the ideal representation of his enormous persona. “I am incredibly proud of the results,” Lygdback added. James is not only a fantastic actor on camera, but he also doesn’t mind working hard off the camera.