Jane Birkin’s Enduring Net Worth: A Timeless Icon

Few names in the history of show business have the ageless charm, one such personality was Jane Birkin. She became a beloved icon of the 1960s and beyond thanks to her skill, allure, and unique sense of style. The world is intrigued by this exceptional actress and singer’s financial success outside of the sparkle and glamour of the silver screen. Let’s head out on an adventure to discover Jane Birkin’s enduring net worth—an investigation into her complex career and her influence on the entertainment industry.


Jane Mallory Birkin

Date of birth

December 14, 1946

Place of birth

London, England


British and French


Actress, singer, model

Known for

her work with Serge Gainsbourg, the Hermès Birkin bag, her films, and her singing career

Net worth

$20 million (2023)


John Barry (m. 1965-1968), Serge Gainsbourg (m. 1969-1980), Jacques Doillon (m. 1982-1991)


Kate Barry (d. 2013), Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lou Doillon


Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, Officer of the Order of the British Empire


July 16, 2023

Early Life and Education

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin was a British actress and singer born in London, England, on December 14, 1946. She was the daughter of Judy Campbell, an actress, and Royal Navy commander David Birkin. Jane Birkin studied acting and drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Marvellous Career

In the 1960s, Jane Birkin began her acting career by appearing in several movies and television programs. With actor Serge Gainsbourg, she got a major part in the French film “Slogan” in 1969. The two would go on to create several more duets, as well as release a song from the movie together. In 1971, Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow-Up” was released, and Jane Birkin played a key role in the movie.

“I never really thought of myself as an actress. I just sort of fell into it. I’m not interested in being a movie star. I just want to do good work”

Jane Birkin Career

Jane Birkin was a popular vocalist in addition to her acting career. In 1969, she published “Jane Birkin Serge Gainsbourg,” her debut album featuring the popular song “Je t’aime… moi non plus.” Due to the song’s explicit sexual content, numerous radio stations outlawed it. The song was a smash in France and other nations despite the controversy.

“I’m not a singer. I’m a storyteller. I’m not interested in singing songs that don’t mean anything to me”

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The Fashionista

Birkin Bag

Beyond her acting prowess, Jane Birkin developed into a style icon whose impact is still felt today. Her partnership with Hermès produced the enduring “Birkin Bag,” which has become a status and luxury symbol in the world of fashion. Generations of fashion fans are still inspired by her easy elegance and boho flair.

“I’m very flattered to have a bag named after me, but I’m not a bag lady. I use a canvas bag for my books, a plastic bag for my makeup, and a toothbrush when travelling. I’m not really into bags. I’m not really into things”

Beyond the cinema and the catwalks, Jane Birkin left a lasting legacy. She has dedicated her time to numerous charitable projects as an artist and public figure, including her work with Amnesty International. She has been an inspiration for compassion and social responsibility because of her humanitarian work.

Net Worth


Net Worth (USD)


2023 20 million
Celebrity Net Worth, The Statesman
2017 10 million Analystique
2016 8 million The Richest
2015 6 million The Sun

When Jane Birkin passed away on July 16, 2023, she had a $20 million net worth. She gained most of her wealth from her lucrative careers in singing and acting. Additionally, the renowned Hermes “Birkin bag,” which was first released in 1984, bears Jane Birkin’s name. On a journey from Paris to London at the beginning of 1984, Jean-Louis Dumas, the CEO of Hermes, allegedly found himself seated next to Jane. After being stowed in the overhead bin, Jane’s travel bag’s contents fell out. Dumas overheard Birkin complaining about how difficult it was to find a stylish leather weekend bag as she was rushing to put everything back in the bag, and the Birkin bag was born.

Jane Birkin Net Worth

Jane Birkin was renowned for her charitable endeavours. She supported several charitable organizations, such as Amnesty International, which promotes human rights all around the world. She also served as a patron of the British Red Cross and contributed to several organizations that addressed problems like homelessness, poverty, and animal welfare.