Jared Leto Holds Fast to His Controversial Opinion that People Should Be Thankful to Marvel Movies

People should be “thankful” for Marvel movies, according to Jared Leto.

The 50-year-old actor recently caused a commotion when he stated that comic book blockbusters were the only thing keeping theatres open, causing other films to be shut out, and while he paid no regard to the backlash, he still stands by his words, insisting that he believes it is a good thing.

“I basically just bury my head in the sand, utter a bunch of foolish s***, and then let everyone else have fun with it,” he remarked.

“However, I’d say it again. I mean, are people irritated by it?

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Is that something they agree with? What are they thinking? Are they perplexed?

jared leto controversy

“If you look at the box office and what people are purchasing tickets for, I used to work at a movie theatre as a kid, okay, and I’m talking about what’s actually generating income to keep the buildings open, the people working, and the ecosystem surviving.”

“[Marvel films] are undoubtedly the greatest income generators. In some ways, we should be grateful.
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“We should be grateful that these films exist, especially for those of us who are major aficionados of cinema and theatres.” Because they contribute to the ecology, which allows other adult dramas, like House of Gucci, to be shown in theatres.
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That’s the point I’m trying to make. Maybe something was lost in translation, but it’s hard to argue with that.

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“I mean, I think a movie is a precious thing.” And it’s a lovely thing. It had a significant impact on my life.”

Jared is set to star in his own Marvel film, Morbius, and he is looking forward to tackling “three performances in one” with the titular part.

“I mean, I love that when we meet Dr. Michael Morbius, he’s sick and frail and fragile, he’s hunting for a treatment for a really uncommon condition that he and others like him have, and then he becomes strong and powerful and ultimately monster,” he said on “Entertainment Tonight.

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“So I appreciated that it was essentially three performances in one, and there was a significant transition.”

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Because no one has ever portrayed the character before, and it’s unlike anything he’s done previously, Jared described being contacted for the project as “quite an honor.”

“The other thing that excites me is that this is the first time this character has appeared on the big screen, and it was an honor to be asked to do it,” he said.

jared leto controversy

“This is the first time I’ve done something like this.

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” I’ve never acted in a major motion picture before. I’m used to working on a variety of projects, so I leaped at the chance.”

Last week, the WeCrashed star sparked a sensation with his original words.

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“I don’t know if theatres would exist if it weren’t for Marvel pictures,” he remarked. It doesn’t appear that there is enough room for everyone, which is a little heartbreaking.”

“I’m also grateful for these films since they help to keep cinema alive.”