Jarrod Schulz’s New Girlfriend: A Perfect Match Made in Storage Heaven!

Longtime Storage Wars cast member Jarrod Schulz spent the majority of his time with his fiancée Brandi Passante. She was referred to as his wife and girlfriend at various stages in the series, but they never appeared to have been wed. Later, it was made known that Jarrod and Brandi had broken up and were dating someone new at the start of Season 13. Who is his girlfriend, then?

Given that Brandi and Jarrod were a couple from the beginning, most Storage Wars viewers find it difficult to imagine a scenario in which they are no longer together. They also have two children, and they once acted in a spinoff special that highlighted how they managed their home and business together.

Who Is Jarrod Schulz’s New Girlfriend on ‘Storage Wars’?

jarrod schulz new girlfriend

Sadly, there aren’t any posts about Jarrod’s girlfriend on Instagram, although it seems like she goes by the name of Rochel Beckman. Her primary Instagram image is a selfie with Jarrod, and the two of them were both tagged in pictures from Disneyland together even though her account is private. It appears that the two may be developing a serious relationship.

Rochel has three sons, so she should have no trouble getting along with Jarrod’s kids and possibly mixing their families, according to Facebook. Rochel also attended Concordia University Irvine, albeit it’s unknown what she does for a living.

It’s probable that Jarrod and Rochel met at the bar because Rochel frequently blogs about The Rush Bar and Grill and gives the impression that she works there. In any case, Rochel and Jarrod appear to be still together after Storage Wars Season 13 was filmed.

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What Happened Between Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante?

jarrod schulz new girlfriend

Storage Wars Season 13 opened with the news that Brandi and Jarrod had split up, however, Brandi herself disclosed during a Facebook Live chat that their breakup had actually occurred during Season 12 of the show.

Brandi did admit in a YouTube interview with Spirit Talk that she had been able to be herself for the first time in years since the separation, even if she hasn’t spoken out about why they called it quits.

“I really wasn’t allowed to have an identity for many, many years,” she claimed. I’ve been figuring out who I am and kind of coming into my own over the last couple of years. I simply don’t feel a connection to anyone. I’ve absolutely gone on dates and done things like that, but at the moment, I’m not actively looking for anything. I’m holding off till I start to connect with someone.

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‘Storage Wars’ Fans Want to Know if Brandi Will Still Be on The Show

On the first season of Storage Wars, Brandi and Jarrod were a couple who openly discussed their professional and personal lives with fans. However, just because they split up doesn’t mean Brandi will leave the show. least of all, not yet.

Instead, as they compete for storage facilities, she and Jarrod can develop a business rivalry. Fans have observed that neither band has any intention of slowing down

Personal Life

jarrod schulz new girlfriend

When Passante was employed by the carpet-cleaning business Schulz worked for in 1999, Jarrod and Brandi first met. Cameron, who was born in 2003, and Payton, who was born in 2005, are the couple’s two children. Despite frequently being referred to as husband and wife, Jarrod and Brandi were never legally wed.

Passante stated in a June 2020 interview that she and Schulz split “two years ago.” The Rush Bar and Grill’s bartender Rochel Beckman, with whom Jarrod moved on, announced their relationship on social media in February 2019.

Schulz was charged with drug trafficking in the middle of the 1990s, according to reports, and was sentenced to 16 months in state jail after being found guilty of felony possession of a controlled substance in 1997.

He was taken into custody in May 2021 on one count of alleged misdemeanor domestic abuse. The arrest was related to an incident that happened a few days previously at a pub where Brandi was allegedly pushed to the ground by Jarrod during a heated dispute.