Tiktok Gets Terrified by Story About Naked Jasha Lottin Possessing Inside a Dead Horse

Users of the video-sharing platform TikTok have expressed shock at the resurfacing of a story about a young woman named Jasha Lottin.

In 2011, Jasha Lottin and her then-boyfriend, John Frost, were the subject of widespread media attention after news of their deceased horse circulated online.

The story of this couple, which began 11 years ago, has recently become a viral sensation on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

Jasha Lottin and Dead Horse Story Explained

jasha lottin

In 2011, people were shocked to find gruesome photographs of a naked woman inside a corpse of a horse that had been posted online. It was reported at the time by HuffPost that Jasha Lottin and her partner John Frost put down their 32-year-old horse owing to its bad condition.

According to the media account, the pair shot and gutted the beast, but their subsequent actions are what caused their story to go viral online.

Jasha undressed, crawled into the body of the dead horse, and posed for photographs that were later uploaded to the internet.

Many people at the time complained about the graphic nature of the viral images and advised others not to look for Jasha’s name online because of them.

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Pictures Led to Police Investigation

jasha lottin

Fearing animal cruelty, investigators looked into Jasha and John’s case when their story went viral. A police report acquired by HuffPost states that the pair was not charged with any crimes since their behavior did not violate any state or local laws in Oregon.

Washington County Sergeant Dave Thompson told the publication, “The fact that this woman crawled into the horse between killing and eating does not constitute a felony.”

“We would have had a case for animal cruelty if they had murdered the horse only for the purpose of shooting the images.”

As the magazine noted After Jasha and John’s tale gained national attention and received death threats, they decided to flee Oregon.

Find Out If You Recognize This Dead Horse Couple: Jasha Lottin & John Frost’s Viral TikTok Photo

After Oregon resident Jasha Lottin, age 21, and her boyfriend John Frost, age 24, “humanely” shot the 32-year-old horse while he was sick, she posted gruesome photos of herself online.

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Ms. Jasha Lottin stated that there were two motivations for why she mounted the steed. She stated that a scene from Star Wars had influenced her decision to enter the stall in order to feel “at one with the horse.”

jasha lottin

Her partner took a horrifying snapshot of the 21-year-old Portland lady, dripping with blood, as she tried to eat a piece of the dead horse.

When I was 21 years old, I was inspired by the Star Wars scene in which Luke Skywalker enters a dead animal. Seattle Weekly reports that her inspiration came from watching Empire Strikes Back. As far as she was concerned, nobody should be worried about her.

The “aspiring model and nudist” claims that Han Solo put Luke Skywalker inside an animal by cutting it open with his lightsaber.

The reason is: that Luke couldn’t survive the winter and died. Ms. Jasha Lottin insisted that she was not trying to upset anyone with her conduct, which she claimed had nothing to do with religion.

Authorities looked into the photographs but ultimately decided not to press charges. Washington County law enforcement says the couple did nothing wrong.

There is also a picture of the tiny woman (5 feet tall, 119 pounds) smiling inside the horse. Another image shows her lifeless body lying in front of it, covered in blood.

The woman and her partner are also holding the animal’s heart. They hold the chunk in front of them as if they were going to eat it in the fourth and final shot.

Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Dave Thompson was taken aback by the gruesome evidence.

To paraphrase, “at some point in your career, you think yep, I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff,” he said. You think you’ve seen it all until you see a photo like this.

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Tiktok Users Horrified by Images

jasha lottin

Jasha’s story is trending on TikTok since it has been widely shared recently. Those with a low tolerance for gore have been told by other users not to look up the story, and we agree that they shouldn’t.

An individual commented, “Omg, never again, I believe I’m going to puke,” beneath a video on TikTok.

Can’t sleep since it so cringed, said another.

“I just Googled them and I think my eyes just vomited,” another person chimed in.

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