Jason Aldean Controversy, Will ‘Never Apologize’ For His Beliefs Despite Political Controversy

Jason Aldean Controversy

When it comes to politics, Jason Aldean stands his stance.

In the wake of his family’s social media outcry for wearing anti-Biden t-shirts earlier this week, the three-time Entertainer of the Year for the Academy of Country Music is speaking out once more.

For the first time, Aldean has promised not to apologize for his political views or the steadfast support he has given to those close to him, as he revealed in a new Instagram post.

Singer of “If I Didn’t Love You” vows “never to apologize for my convictions or my love for my family and country,” captioning a photo of himself against an American flag on Instagram.

In his own words, “I want to make sure that the United States of America remains the finest country in the world.”

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With more than 9,200 comments and counting, Aldean’s “unapologetic” got a lot of support from his followers, many of whom were supportive of his position.

Some people praised you for your courage, saying, “I like your attitude!!” Another said, “So thankful for people like you who will stand up for their freedom.”

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Commenters included Donald Trump Jr., who posted three fire emojis in the section.

Artists like Dee Jay Silver and HARDY also weighed in, saying, “You’re darn correct,” and “yes sir us.”

On the same day Aldean’s wife, Brittany, was slammed by Instagram users for posting pictures of their children, Navy and Memphis, wearing anti-Joe Biden t-shirts.

Jason Aldean with Hardy, Lainey Wilson and John Morgan

As a nod to Donald Trump, Brittany’s children and herself appeared in a series of images wearing clothing from an online store called “Daddy T-45.”

A “HIDIN’ FROM BIDEN” tee was seen on Navy and Memphis; a “ANTI BIDEN SOCIAL CLUB” shirt was worn on Brittany In the images, though, the Georgia native was not sporting any anti-Biden merchandise.

He responded to the critics in the comments area, saying that his family was not being used as “political props.”

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Aldean warned the lady to “watch ur mouth.” “We’ll educate our children what we believe to be right and what we believe will be in their best interests in the long run.

The future of our children and grandchildren will be better off if you don’t think what’s going on right now is “wonderful.”

Amid Political Controversy, Jason Aldean Promises To 'Never Apologize' For  His Beliefs - Country Now

A few days after the initial meeting he said, “Definitely better than what we have now! Let me know if you can think of anything constructive the present administration has accomplished. “Only ONE!!!”

As he continues his Back in the Saddle Tour, Aldean’s official merchandise line is also offering a political tee. His website or tour merchandise table will include the shirt, which reads: “Jason Aldean ’24 – Jason Aldean.” We must remove the US’s nonsense.”

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