Who is Jason Reid? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Joy Reid Husband, Complete Info!

Jason Reid

Joy Reid’s husband, Jason Reid, is a lawyer and the founder of the law firm, The Law Office of Jason A. Reid PLLC. He has been married to Joy since 1993. His wife Joy is an American journalist who currently hosts MSNBC’s “AM Joy.” She was previously a co-host on NBC’s “The Cycle” and also hosted her own show on MSNBC called “The Reid Report.”

Joy Reid’s husband, John C. Reilly, is a freelance editor and co-founder of ImageLab Media Group. He is also well known as the husband of MSNBC TV Host, Joy Reid. She is a liberal political commentator and always in controversy, in mid-July 2021 Joy compared Texas Republicans to the Taliban for passing a new anti-abortion bill and also took to Twitter and wrote So now Texas Republicans are putting bounties on pregnant women, and added, I almost hate to ask what this benighted party will think of next. Then, Joy continued the thread This is Talibanism. Will Texas conservatives be forcing women of childbearing age to submit themselves for rewards?

Who is Jason Reid?

 Jason Reid

Jason Reid graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a B.A. in film and video production in July 1999 and joined Discovery Communications as Senior Editor soon after. During his time at Discovery, Jason assisted in producing the first promotional video for Toddler & Tiaras in the Latin American television market, saving thousands of dollars in company costs by Then he began freelancing as a freelance editor at Universal/Peacock Production in January 2012, working on an hour program episode called Help Is On The Way. In January 2005, Jason and John joined forces and founded ImageLab Media Group, which specializes in producing feature films, documentaries, and post-production services. He was also a freelance editor for NBC for a brief period. In 2010, his short film Sonicsgate won the Webby Award, and in 2017, his documentary Dirtbag won the Best Mountain Film at the People’s Choice Awards.

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Who is he, and how old is he?

There is no accurate knowledge of his age or date of birth, and there is little information about his parents and siblings. He is in his mid50s, according to the press.

Who is Jason Reid’s wife?

Who is Joy Reid's husband Jason Reid? Bio: Net Worth, Discovery Channel, Children, ESPN

In the year 1997, John and Tracey Reid married each other. They have three kids together, including Joy Reid, who is a reporter at MSNBC. The couple’s middle name is Jmar Reid, and he graduated from the New School in New York City and studied creative writing and acting on April 29th, 2019 Joy posted a photo of her son on Instagram with the caption So proud of my very talented (and very tall) middle child Jmar Reid, who just killed it in TheLaram The entire cast, director, and producers did an excellent job with this film. Kudos all! To my mind, it’s the perfect play for this moment in time.

What is the net worth of Jason Reid?

It is estimated that the net worth of Jason Reid is about $1 million USD.

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