Nick and Jawahir from Too Hot to Handle Are Still Together, Right?

Too Hot To Handle Season 4, has introduced a new fan-favorite couple in the form of Nick and Jawahir. One peek at Twitter reveals that people are OBSESSED and desperate to find out if these two end up together.
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*SPOILERS* If you watched the last episodes of Too Hot To Handle season 4, which were released on Netflix today [14 December], you’ll know that Nick and Jawahir were declared finalists in the final episode.

The couple’s trip in the villa wasn’t without bumps – despite coupling up early on, their love was derailed by the arrival of bombshell Shawn, who only had eyes for Jawahir.

Is Nick from ‘Too Hot to Handle’ still with Jawahir?

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jawahir and nick still together

If Nick and Jawahir merely revealed where they are now, they wouldn’t be doing their jobs or honoring their NDAs as reality TV stars. However, based on their different Instagram pages, we have some indications that their romance is still going strong after the show has wrapped.

Nick and Jawahir both made Instagram posts in Indonesia in April and May 2022. Coincidence? We don’t think so. In another Instagram image, Nick is near the same waterfall as Jawahir in her Indonesia post.

On Too Hot to Handle, they clearly only have eyes for each other. That is the most difficult hurdle for the majority of the couples on the show.
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They must also learn to keep their paws off each other. However, if they can first establish a genuine relationship with someone, it is typically a little simpler for them to obey the guidelines.

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On ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ Does Jawahir Go with Shawn?

jawahir and nick still together

When new cast member Shawn arrives at the retreat, our trusty AI robot Lana puts Jawahir to the ultimate test. He and Jawahir clicked immediately away. They create such a tight bond that Jawahir even sleeps in his bed one night.

Lana finally follows her heart and picks Nick after giving Jawahir the opportunity to choose only one of them.

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In Season 4, Nick and Jawahir break a few ‘Too Hot to Handle’ laws.

jawahir and nick still together

Although Kayla and Seb now hold the record for the most rule violations in Too Hot to Handle Season 4, Jawahir and Nick aren’t without their own transgressions. But, when it comes to this relationship, who can blame them for a random kiss? In terms of rule violation, things might absolutely get worse for them.

The only thing standing in their way is a grenade or two turning up on the beach to take one of them on a date. A grenade is a new cast member that can appear at any time to shake things up and possibly break up couples. And, sure, a grenade in the form of Shawn does come between them.

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Jawahir, on the other hand, selects Nick after much soul-searching.

We have great faith in Jawahir and Nick remaining faithful to one other in the real world after everything they’ve been through. We’re not sure how they intend to make things work with Nick in the United States and Jawahir in Amsterdam. But love will always find a way. Maybe. Hopefully.