JD Scott Illness: A Look at Scott’s Battle with a Mysterious Illness

The fans of the ‘Property Brothers’ Jonathan and Drew Scott are in utter shock after listening to this news. The fans were left worried after learning that one of the brothers is sick. Read more to find out what happened.

Is one of the ‘Property Brothers’ sick

Jonathan and Drew are healthy, so you can rest easy, but JD was honest with his followers about a mysterious ailment he experienced in 2019. He was unaware of his diagnosis at the time, but in September 2019, he provided an update to his Instagram fans to let them know he was OK and what precisely he had been dealing with. He said that he had undergone treatment for a stomach ailment.

Who is JD Scott?


James Daniel Scott


May 27, 1976


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Television personality, producer, entrepreneur

Known for

Property Brothers, Brother vs. Brother

Net worth

$20 million (2023)
JD Scott

JD Scott, also known as James Daniel Scott, is the older brother of Drew and Jonathan Scott. Although Drew and Jonathan Scott’s faces on Brother vs. Brother and the Property Brothers are the same, their older brother JD Scott is now almost as well-known as they are. JD, who looks like he might almost be a triplet with his siblings, has a following of his own thanks to his repeated appearances on his younger brothers’ shows over the years and his mod claims to fame.

“JD doesn’t work for or with Scott Brothers Global. He actually is a host himself, and he’s produced some of his content, and then we have him on some of our shows from time to time,”

Jonathan told Smashing Interviews Magazine in 2018

The Sickness News Got the Fans Worried

Fans immediately conjured up one of the twins, who have long been featured on HGTV, when they got concerned that one of the Property Brothers might be ill. There would be a ton of unhappy fans if Jonathan or Drew were ever too ill to film any given season of one of the Property Brothers shows. Unfortunately, some of those same fans haven’t given any thought to the fact that the third Property Brother suffered from a medical issue in 2019.

JD Scott

The host of the well-liked HGTV program “Property Brothers,” Drew and Jonathan Scott’s older brother JD Scott, disclosed in 2019 that he has been battling an unidentified disease. JD claims that although his medical team still don’t have all the answers, they now have “a lot more clarity” about what might be ailing him: a gastro-intestinal illness and potential fluoroquinolone toxicity and mercury poisoning.

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What Does JD Scott do?

JD has a passion for show business like his brothers do. HGTV‘s online behind-the-scenes episodes of Brother vs. Brother are hosted by him, and he formerly hosted Great American Country’s All-American Amusement Parks. Additionally, he developed and co-authored the short films Karma Inc. and The Oracle in addition to acting in Amazon Falls and The Oracle. And JD, together with Drew and Jonathan, co-founded Scott Brothers Entertainment, indicating that he has experience in a variety of business-related fields.

Despite having experienced a few unexplained illnesses in 2019 and first believing he had lupus, JD now appears to be recovering and juggling several tasks at once.

Timeline: The Course of Events for the Scott Brothers

JD Scott
  • JD Scott provided an update on Instagram in September 2019 and wrote that his condition was being treated and that he now has “a lot more clarity” regarding the entire scenario.
  • Following a diagnosis of acute mercury poisoning 4, JD was said to be improving according to a Hollywood Life story from November 2019.
  • JD explained in a video on Instagram that his mercury levels were so high that the health department had to be informed.
  • By using an elimination diet that helps exclude foods that contribute to inflammation in the body, JD’s fiancée, Annalee Belle, has assisted him in managing his symptoms.
  • JD was able to get in contact with Dr. Scott Jacobson, an MD who also uses holistic techniques of treatment, after appointments with radiologists and neurologists. They found a GI infection and what they suspect to be the cause of his sickness, which may have included fluoroquinolone toxicity and mercury poisoning.
  • Presently, JD has begun a course of antibiotics, and while he is still not fully recovered, he is improving every day