Jeff Lazkami Networth, Biography, Personal Life, Career and Every Thing You Need to Know

Jeff Lazkami Networth

From the Selling Sunset, Jeff is the husband of Chelsea Lazkani. Jeff has amassed a sizable fortune as a result of his successful professional endeavors. He’s also in the media business. In the course of his career, Jeff has become a household name. He currently serves as the Managing Partner of Icon Media Direct, a highly regarded media company. Until 2021, he held this position.

While researching Jeff Selling Sunset, we came across Icon Media, a Sherman Oaks-based advertising agency. As far back as he can remember, Jeff has been working here. Even though he started out as a traffic coordinator, he quickly rose through the ranks and established himself as a respected member of the team.


Jeff Lazkani Networth

Originally from Libya, Jeff was born in February 1982. Since his parents separated, he doesn’t know who his biological father is. However, Nancy, Jeff’s mother, has a strong and striking personality that is detailed in Jeff Selling Sunset. Additionally, she has built a successful career for herself and her children. Sara Z Lazkani, Jeff’s younger sister, completes the family.

Jeff graduated from the University of San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Beyond Icon Media, he has worked in various senior roles, gaining valuable experience in the fields of event directing, public relations, advertising, and even writing copy for the print media. After Jeff and Chelsea’s marriage on August 12th of this year, he’s proven himself to be a great husband and father. As a result, they have two children.

 what Is Jeff Lazkani Worth?

Jeff has amassed a fortune in the millions as a result of his business accomplishments. An advertising agency, Icon Media Direct, employs him as a managing partner. Jeff Lazkani’s net worth is currently estimated at $5 million. His company, Icon Media Direct, is the primary source of her financial security. At the moment, he earns around $1 million per year. At this point, he is content with his earnings and his lifestyle.

Icon Media Direct was started in 2000 by his mother. During its first month, it made $15 million, and a year later, it made $43 million in profits.

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Jeff Lazkani Career:

Jeff Lazkami Networth

He began his career at Icon Media Direct in March 2006 as a Traffic Co-ordinator; today, he serves as the company’s managing director.

He took a big step forward in his career in December 2007 when he was promoted to account coordinator.

Prior to joining Icon Media Direct, he worked as a business development executive for the company and a senior account manager.

For the Red Cross Blood Services, in addition, he held the position of executive director.

Likewise, he serves on the advisory board of BWG Strategy and a committee at Questex.

Personal Life

 jeff Lazkani Networth

She made the decision to join the Oppenheimer family of companies in 2021 and will take over as CEO. Chelsea explained her decision to leave her former agency and enter the reality television industry to People magazine: “I viewed this as an opportunity to open doors in an industry that has lacked diversity and where minorities are underappreciated.”

Chelsea Lazkani and Jeff Lazkani wed in August of last year and have been happily married ever since. Melia Man and Maddox Ali Lavon have joined the Lavon family, making the happy couple grandparents to two adorable children. Jeff’s career has been a huge success for him, aside from that. Jeff began working full-time at Icon Media Direct in 2005 after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of San Diego. Chelsea also stated that she wanted to promote the careers of black women in real estate.

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Despite Jeff’s humble beginnings as a Traffic Coordinator, he has quickly risen to the position of Managing Partner. Jeff, a high-ranking official, and Chelsea, a real estate agent and reality TV star, have built a comfortable lifestyle together.

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