Jen From ’90-Days’ Worries About Chasing Rishi And ‘Falling For The Wrong Guys’ Ahead Of His India Move

Rishi Singh Dhakar and Jen Boecher clearly did not have the perfect ‘Love at first Sight’ moment at 90 Days Fiancé.

’90 Day ‘Fiancé: The Other Way premiered on Sunday, January 29th. The episode clearly showed the viewers that Jen has clearly ruled out any potential romance with her trainer whom she met for the first time in the lobby of the hotel.
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She clearly said that just because the trainer was so chiseled she wouldn’t go out with him. She has stopped getting her hopes high when it comes to attractive and good-looking men.

This is also the reason why Jen did not pursue Rishi Dhakar at all as he broke her down after she tried for him for a week. Jen is 46 years old and has an age gap of 14 years from Rishi.

90 Day's Jen Worries About 'Chasing' Model Rishi and 'Falling for the Wrong Guys' Ahead of Move to India

Jen said in an interview during the show: “I was not interested in him at all. I thought he was kind of a douchebag.

e saw each other four or five times. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what made me fall for Rishi, but I knew he was the one.
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Jenny always tried to resist Rishi and kept a distance from him as she felt she had a track record of falling in love with the wrong guys. She felt that Rishi was not the one for her.

In her own words: “I would choose guys who were good looking and very charismatic, but in terms of a long-term partner, they were not what I needed.”

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But, things took a U-turn when Rishi came into her life. He broke the monopoly of wrong guys whom Jen would fall for. He was able to reassure Jen and inculcate trust in Jen’s heart that he was unlike the guys Jen had been with before.

Jen revealed that: “Within a month of us meeting, he proposed.”

After he proposed, Jen and Rishi were all set to get married, but their long distance relationship proved to be a little troublesome and imposed some questionable moments. During the Sunday episode of 90 Days, Jen was crying in a video shared by her. Jen was seen crying in the video as she felt that Rishi was no longer interested in her during the COVID lockdown. She felt so because he had not been replying to her messages.

She also made a video for Rishi and sent it to him. In the video, Jen was seen saying: “I’d love to be wrong about this, but I just have a feeling. I have a feeling that you’re distancing yourself and that maybe you’re not all in.” Continuing, she added: “I’ll always love you. You’re like, my first love, but I can let go because I have to love myself and I don’t like feeling like I’m chasing you.”

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Despite the hardships they faced during their relationship, the couple made it through and Jen decided to move to India for being close to Rishi. She was ready to start a new chapter of life and build a home with Rishi. Her brother expressed some skepticism about the relationship — citing Jen’s past insecurities and failed relationships. Even though she acknowledged what her brother said, she was ready and was firm with her decision and was ready to leave Oklahoma and move to India for her love.