As Twitter Continues to Troll Influencer Jenny 69, Here Are a Few Hilarious La 69 Memes.

Tweeters haven’t stopped trolling Jenny 69, an Instagram influencer, even after she dropped her first single, La 69, a few days ago. If you’re in the need of a good chuckle, check out some of these hilarious La 69 memes.

Jennifer Ruiz, better known online as Jenny 69, is a Mexican-American social media influencer who became recognized for the dramatic changes in her appearance following multiple plastic surgeries.

But now everyone is talking about how unimpressive her song was and how she should give up becoming a musician.

There are more disapprovals than approvals for the official music video for her song that was posted by Lumbre Music on YouTube, and it was met with the same reception on Twitter.

The 11 Funniest La 69 Memes that Have Been Riddled Across Twitter

That influencer can count on never hearing from this Twitter user again.

Pain seems quite genuine at the moment.

โ€œSomebody needs to free my brain from the wrath of the โ€œsoy la 69โ€ that keeps playing. plsโ€

Until I did some research, I was under the impression that Soy La 69 was a Jenny Rivera song. Distinct individual

Yet another muddled non-fan

No longer able to take it

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gonna tell my kids this was jenny 69

Vancouver extends its sympathies to Riverside.

When one is completely satiated

Yolanda Saldivar is seen as a savior by desperate admirers.

La 69’s music video has received more than 3.9 million views, despite the widespread backlash it has received.

She’s so ecstatic about the views that she posted a TikTok video of herself singing her newest song on Instagram.

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In the caption, she noted, “Achieved 3Milli Views today. To everyone who has helped, “gracias.”

The rest of her caption means “thank you all for supporting me” in English.

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