Jeremy Hartwell, a Contestant on “love Is Blind,” Is Suing Netflix for Allegedly Using “Inhumane” Filming Conditions

Jeremy Hartwell, a Contestant on "love Is Blind," Is Suing Netflix for Allegedly Using "Inhumane" Filming Conditions

A competitor from the second season of Love Is Blind is suing Netflix, according to Variety. Although Jeremy Hartwell did not end up getting engaged on the show, he claims in his lawsuit that the defendants’ requirements, approval, or encouragement of sleep deprivation, isolation, a lack of food, and an excessive amount of alcohol all contributed to the cast’s inhumane working conditions and altered mental state. At the time of publication, Bustle had contacted Netflix but had not received a response.

Additionally, according to Hartwell’s petition, “defendants sometimes left members of the cast alone for hours at a time without access to a phone, food, or any other form of contact with the outside world until they were obliged to return to working on the production.”

The Love Is Blind competitors were paid as independent contractors rather than as workers, Variety reports, despite the fact that “producers governed the pace, method, and means of their employment.” According to the complaint, candidates were paid $1,000 per week while putting in up to 20 hours per day, seven days a week, and were required to pay $50,000 in “liquidated damages” if they quit early.

Producers allegedly “deliberately underpaid the cast members, deprived them of food, drink, and sleep, plied them with alcohol, and cut off their access to personal contacts and much of the outside world,” according to attorney Chantal Payton, Variety says. “This changed cast members’ emotions and decision-making and made them social connection-hungry.”

He “seeks unpaid wages plus, financial compensation for missed meal breaks and rest periods, plus unspecified monetary damages for unfair business practices and civil penalties for labor code violations,” per Variety, in his June 29 lawsuit, which names Netflix, the Kinetic Content production company, and Delirium TV casting as defendants.

Jeremy Hartwell, a Contestant on "love Is Blind," Is Suing Netflix for Allegedly Using "Inhumane" Filming Conditions

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Mr. Hartwell’s involvement in Season 2 of Love is Blind lasted less than one week, according to a statement from Kinetic Content that was emailed to Bustle. Unfortunately, Mr. Hartwell’s voyage came to an early end since he was unable to forge meaningful relationships with any of the other participants.

We won’t guess as to Mr. Hartwell’s motivations for bringing the action, but we will forcefully refute Mr. Hartwell’s assertions since they are without foundation.

Because the show concentrates on the couples who eventually become engaged (and sometimes, even those couples don’t make the final cut, as Entertainment Weekly puts out), you might not immediately know Hartwell from Love Is Blind.

He does, however, appear alongside the group in a few images and clips from Love Is Blind Season 2. In a casting video, Hartwell explains, “I don’t have to worry about what to do – I simply have to be myself.”

In February, Hartwell also shared a piece of a journal he claimed to have kept throughout the pod’s segment of the show in a post on Instagram. According to Hartwell, “it was strange and slightly disconnected from beginning to end as if I were trapped in the current of a river that suddenly appeared around me.”

“At first gentle, then suddenly rapid, adrenaline-fueled and exhilarating, before culminating in the crushing inevitability of a fate chosen for me, where I found myself fighting for breath to stay above water and avoid being thrown against the immovable, uncaring forces set before me,” the author writes.

According to his Netflix bio, the former participant is an entrepreneur. He said in the post that he had now “come to peace” with the experience.

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