Jeremy Renner’s Neighbor Thinks He ‘Did Pass Away for A Couple Seconds’ After Snowplow Accident

Rich Kovach, Jeremy Renner’s next-door neighbor, said to Diane Sawyer, “This is the sound of someone who was dying.” Neighbors of Jeremy Renner reported seeing him in agonizing pain after his terrible snowplow accident on January 1.

His neighbors Rich Kovach and Barb Fletcher elaborated on what he went through during the incident’s aftermath in a special titled Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview — A Story of Terror, Survival, and Triumph during the 52-year-old Marvel actor’s interview with Diane Sawyer, which is currently airing in its entirety on ABC.

“He was bleeding from his nose and ears, for sure. Then his eye, which appeared to have been forced out, “Sawyer, 77, was informed by Kovach during the interview.

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Jeremy Renner's Neighbor Thinks He 'Did Pass Away for a Couple Seconds' After Snowplow Accident

As the BBC played clips of Renner’s screams heard during Kovach’s 911 call, Fletcher said, “It was an awful sound to listen to someone, just literally witnessing somebody die in front of you, and you feel so powerless.” Kovach said to Sawyer, “This is the sound of someone that was dying.

Kovach and Fletcher recounted during the interview that they truly felt Renner “did pass away for a few seconds,” as Fletcher put it. Sawyer said during the show that they were some of the only neighbors home on that day, a holiday.

She explained to Sawyer that she felt as though they had briefly lost him since he had a clammy feeling and had become a grayish-green tint. “He averted his gaze. I only made an effort to keep him awake.”

“I had a strong impression that he briefly lost consciousness. I do, genuinely, “Added her. Kovach had admitted to Sawyer that the “quantity of blood” he observed surrounding Renner left him speechless.

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Jeremy Renner's Neighbor Thinks He 'Did Pass Away for a Couple Seconds' After Snowplow Accident

In reference to the Avengers: Endgame actor, he continued, “And then he was — he was just in such anguish.” There was a lot of blood on the snow, and the cries coming from him were horrifying.

“Then, as I turned to gaze at his head, it seemed to me to be completely open. I’m not sure whether it was just my imagination, but I thought I could make out white, which I took to be his skull “Kovach tacked on.

During the incident, Fletcher said to Sawyer, “A lot of blood was gushing out [Renner’s] head and I immediately grabbed one of the towels.” “It only applied pressure while still being folded. I could tell he was having a lot of trouble breathing “She said.

According to an incident report made public by Nevada officials in January, Renner was attempting to stop his nephew Alex from being driven over by a snowplow when the truck started to slide and crushed the actor.

Renner required many operations as a consequence of the New Year’s Day accident, which left him with “blunt chest trauma and orthopedic damage” and broke more than 30 bones.

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Jeremy Renner's Neighbor Thinks He 'Did Pass Away for a Couple Seconds' After Snowplow Accident

His snowplow, which is estimated to weigh at least 14,330 pounds, drove over him while he was assisting a family member with pulling a “stuck” car out of the snow, leaving him initially in “serious but stable condition.”

In a segment from the interview that Good Morning America aired on Wednesday, Renner said to Sawyer, “If I was there, on my own, it would’ve been an awful way to die.” “I definitely would have. Surely. Yet, I wasn’t alone; I was with my nephew. lovely Alex. The remainder of the Calvary then arrived.”

This coming Tuesday, the actor will attend the Los Angeles premiere of his Disney+ reality series Rennervations for a screening and live Q&A session. This will be his first public appearance since the accident.

The Diane Sawyer Interview with Jeremy Renner: A Tale of Horror, Survival, and Triumph is currently showing on ABC and will be streamable on Hulu on Friday.