Jermaine Dupri Net Worth: How Much Has American Rapper Made in 2022?

Jermaine Dupri, an American rapper, DJ, record producer, and businessman, has a $2 million net worth. In North Carolina, USA, on September 23, 1972, he was born. Love On My Mind, Understanding, Just Kickin’, Always Be My Baby, Not Tonight, You Make Me Wanna, Sweetheart, and The Boy is Mine, among others, catapulted him into the spotlight.

Early Life

On September 23, 1972, in Asheville, North Carolina, Jermaine Dupri Mauldin was born. He is Tina and Michael Mauldin’s son. His father works as a manager for Columbia Records.

Shaniah, the daughter of the record producer, has Pam Sweat as her mother. In 2001, Dupri began dating Janet Jackson, a singer.

jermaine dupri net worth

Jermaine Dupri Net Worth

Having a net worth of $2.5 million, Jermaine Dupri is an American songwriter, rapper, and record producer. Jermaine had a successful run as a music producer in the 1990s, working with musicians like Jay-Z, Da Brat, Mariah Carey, and Kriss Kross.

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At his height, his personal wealth exceeded $60 million, according to estimates, and his music collection was at least $20 million in value. Jermaine has encountered some financial difficulties throughout his career, as we go into more depth later in this piece, which led to a number of bank litigation and the foreclosure of personal property.


At a very young age, Dupri began his musical career. When he was twelve years old, he started dancing and used to perform for the hip-hop group Whodini. He then began doing performances all across the nation. Later, in 1990, Dupri created his first act, a female hip hop trio called Silk Tymes Leather.

jermaine dupri net worth

Soon after, he formed the group Kriss Kross with Chris Smith and Chris Kelly, and in 1992, the group put out the album “Totally Krossed Out.” The year after that, he founded his own record label, So So Def Recordings.

Personal Life

Dupri dated Janet Jackson, a singer, from 2002 to 2009.

He dated Pam Sweat when he was 25 and became pregnant with her only a few weeks after they began dating; they have a daughter together named Shaniah Mauldin.

jermaine dupri net worth

Jalynn, his second child with Sarai Jones, is his only child. Based on the findings of a paternity test, the Fulton County Superior Court determined in 2011 that Dupri had to pay Jones an additional $7,500 in addition to $2,500 every month. Dupri, who is a vegan, participated in a PETA advertisement and urged followers to “Touch the beets. Discard the meats.”

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Jermaine Dupri’s Financial Problems

Even though Jermaine Dupri had a net worth of $60 million in 2006 and earned $11 million in 2008, his financial situation has been worse since. He was fined for estimated unpaid taxes totaling $183,000 in 2008 and an estimated $2.5 million owing between 2003 and 2005.

Dupri was required to pay a total of $493,818.75 in taxes in 2012 on a bill that was only $254,782.64 in the first place.

After he neglected to submit a 2007 tax return, the fines were increased by interest. Due to Dupri’s three-year-old $5 million loan default, SunTrust Bank filed legal action against him in 2013. Dupri was obliged to sell his recording studio and his So So Def music catalog in order to pay with the bank. This collection of songs included works by Da Brat, Bow Wow, Kriss Kross, Xscape, and others.

Dupri put up the song copyrights owned by his record label, So So Def, as collateral.

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Real Estate

jermaine dupri net worth

His mansion in northwest Atlanta was the subject of foreclosure proceedings in 2011. The foreclosure was temporarily postponed but began in 2012. Dupri didn’t pay back the $2.5 million loan he took out to buy the house, so it was put up for auction. His Atlanta property in the Mount Paran neighborhood was likewise put up for foreclosure sale in December 2012, and it appears he lost this home in 2014.