Jerry Jeudy Girlfriend- Jerry Jeudy, Antoinette Tharp, and A Complex Life!

jerry jeudy girlfriend

Jerry Davarus Jeudy (born April 24, 1999) is a wide receiver in the National Football League for the Denver Broncos (NFL). He was picked by the Broncos with the 15th overall choice in the 2020 NFL Draft after playing college football at Alabama, where he won the Fred Biletnikoff Award as the nation’s top wide receiver as a sophomore in 2018.

Who Is Jerry Jeudy’s Girlfriend?

Jerry Jeudy’s girlfriend is Antoinette Tharp. They appear to be parents to a one-month-old child. Tharp admitted that things with Jeudy had gone out of hand, and the two recently got into a heated argument that necessitated the participation of the cops. In addition, the recipient was reported to have left her wallet and medical papers for their young child in his car at their home, making it hard for her to recover them.

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jerry jeudy girlfriend

His alleged girlfriend went on to state that she wanted to return to Virginia but couldn’t because she needed those important documents and belongings. She added that she did not want to disgrace Jeudy and only wanted her possessions returned. Cops were called in to “keep the peace” amid the situation between her and the wide receiver, according to sources. When the altercation turned heated, Colorado police reportedly took the Broncos receiver into custody. He faces misdemeanor charges of criminal tampering and domestic violence. Throughout the arrest, the receiver was claimed to be cooperative.

Jerry Jeudy, Antoinette Tharp, and A Complex Life

Antoinette Tharp is the central figure in this story, despite the fact that nothing is known about her. According to the Ottumwa Courier, Tharp informed a deputy that “things went crazy” with Jeudy on Wednesday night, according to a police record filed with the Arapahoe County court. Jeudy had grabbed “her wallet and medical documentation for their young child” and left them in his car, she informed the deputy, so she “could not access them.”

She went on to explain she didn’t want Jeudy to get into any problems. She simply desired her stuff to be restored to her so that she could return to Virginia. She couldn’t accomplish it because she didn’t have these items.

According to the Ottumwa Courier, Jeudy “confessed to locking some stuff in his car” after Tharp “removed one of his three mobile phones and refused to give it back,” according to the police report.

Sheriff Tyler Brown of Arapahoe County said during a press conference about the case that Judy had been helpful throughout his detention. “There was no physical aggression involved in the encounter,” according to the report. He went on to explain that Jeudy would be held overnight and would appear in front of a judge the next day. The situation was discovered when Tharp used a neighbor’s phone to call the cops and ask for assistance. The situation rapidly became public and made headlines.

jerry jeudy girlfriend

We don’t know how things will turn out between Jeudy and Tharp, but the common struggle may lead them to get closer. They had previously been at odds, and now she is attempting to defend the guy with whom she had fought. It is yet unknown whether they have reconciled. In fact, now that she’s called the cops on him, she might discover that it’s out of their hands as well. Jeudy is currently out on bond, but the charges against him have not been dropped, and he has a court hearing set for May 31.

A Second Child Has Been Born to Jeudy

Outside of his relationship with Tharp, Jerry Jeudy is the father of another child. The Broncos player’s daughter, Journee Aaliyah Jeudy, was born in 2020 while Jeudy was in a previous relationship. His daughter’s middle name is Aaliyah, after his younger sister, who died tragically at the age of seven from a rare disease.

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Personal Life

In 2016, Jeudy’s seven-year-old sister Aaliyah died while he was a senior in high school. Jeudy received all A’s in his senior year of high school. Jeudy is a Haitian-American.

Salary of Jerry Jeudy

jerry jeudy girlfriend

Jerry Jeudy has a net worth of $1 million as of 2022. His main source of riches is his professional football career. He’s become one of the world’s most expensive players. Jerry is already a billionaire in his early years of the company.

Jerry immediately established himself as the team’s best player as a skillful player. Jeudy’s first game was against Fresno State in Alabama’s second game of the season, and he drew a lot of fan attention with some impressive skills. Jerry was voted the Crimson Tide’s “Fred Biletnikoff Award” winner for the leading receiver in 2019.

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