Jessa Duggar- Why I Was Not Noticed at Sister Jill Duggar’s Baby Shower!

Phoney drama Jessa Duggar is dispelling rumours that she missed sister Jill Duggar’s baby shower because of a simmering argument, maintaining it was merely a scheduling conflict.

The allegations started after their cousin, Amy Duggar, threw Jill, 31, a baby shower and posted pictures from the occasion on Instagram on Thursday, July 7.

“Celebrating this new life was so much fun!” Jessa, 29, made a comment that led people to wonder why the 19 Kids and Counting star wasn’t in any of the pictures despite being present, and some even questioned whether any of the Duggar siblings were at the party.

The TLC personality responded, “Please let’s not assume there’s a bad motivation behind everything we do and do not do,” adding, “These rumours make me upset, and I’m here to put a stop to it. These comments present a misleading narrative, which is what they are intended to do. Just not true

As she continued, Jessa acknowledged that she had attended the shower but added that “very much everyone else” had been away because of their busy summer plans and that “you cannot always manage 19+ schedules.”

Even though there aren’t any online images to show it, we spend a lot of time together. She emphasised that not every meeting needed to be a photo opportunity before urging people to “stop spreading hate” to end the lengthy message.

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Later, 35-year-old Amy spoke up for her cousin, saying, “We had a fantastic turnout and enjoyed simply being in the moment!”

The Maryland Native Wrote on Wednesday, “there Wasn’t Any Drama and Jill Was Gorgeous!”

Jessa has already stood up for her family on social media. The reality star dispelled trolls’ claims in January that she and her husband, Ben Seewald, with whom she has children Spurgeon, 5, and Henry, 3, and daughters Ivy, 2, and Fern, 5, were given a house by her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Jessa Duggar- Why I Was Not Noticed at Sister Jill Duggar's Baby Shower!

In reaction to the accusation, the author of Growing Up Duggar commented, “That is so ridiculous and an utter lie.”

Jill, on the other hand, experienced family conflict after quitting the TLC show in 2017 after six seasons. She stated in a YouTube video from September 2020 that “it was a really difficult decision but something we knew that we really needed to do for our family.” We don’t regret skipping the performance.

The first responder exclusively revealed to Us Weekly four months later that not everyone approved of their choice.

There has been some separation there. Some of my family members and I don’t get along very well,” she said at the time. “We’ve had some arguments, but we’re working toward restoration and healing without a doubt, but we’re kind of just needing to take some time and heal.”

Jessa’s compliments coincide with her brother Josh Duggar’s conviction for child paedophilia. The native of Arkansas was found guilty on two charges of receiving and having child pornography in December 2021 and received a sentence of 151 months in jail, or nearly 12.5 years, on May 25. The father of seven has also been given a 20-year supervised release period following the completion of his sentence.

A low-security federal correctional facility in Texas, FCI Seagoville is just a five-and-a-half-hour drive from Josh’s hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas. Us confirmed this transfer of Josh on June 28.

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