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Jessica Chastain Remembers Searching for ‘Calmness’ After Oscar Win!

Jessica Chastain Remembers Searching for 'Calmness' After Oscar Win!

After Will Smith hit Chris Rock onstage during the Oscars ceremony, Jessica Chastain opened up about what was going through her mind as she accepted her trophy.

Chastain received Best Actress at the 94th Academy Awards in March for The Eyes of Tammy Faye. After Smith, 53, entered the stage and struck Rock, 57, over a joke made about his wife’s shaved head, her category was named. Smith said in a statement days after that the punch line was “too much for me to handle” and that he “reacted emotionally” because Jada Pinkett Smith has alopecia.

Moments later, Smith received another honour, accepting Best Actor while delivering an emotional speech in front of a visibly shocked crowd.

In a brief interview with Net-a-Porter, Chastain recalled giving her speech and said she sought to create a “calmness” in the room. Overall, she described the night as “strange.”

She recalled that as she entered the room, “there was a highly charged vibe, and I was trying to figure out… how to simply breathe and generate a tranquilly.”

The 45-year-speech old’s ultimately focused on issues of intolerance, prejudice, and her role as an actress. There [were] times when I started to feel upset, so I held it back, but I had a concept of what I wanted to use that worldwide platform to accomplish if I got up there, according to Chastain.

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She continued, “I’ll be enjoying my win the rest of the night.” “After [the award ceremony], so many people came up to me because they saw how shocked I was. I’m used to simply lowering my head.” “We’re faced with racist and hateful legislation that is sweeping our country, with the only objective of further dividing us,” Chastain said in her acceptance speech.

She Said, “There Are Acts of Violence and Hate Crimes Committed Against Defenceless Individuals Everywhere

When things like these happen, Chastain said of her real-life role, “Tammy comes to mind, and I’m inspired by her bold acts of love.” “Her enthusiasm motivates me. It unites us all in the desire to be accepted for who we are, accepted for who we love, and to live a life free from the fear of violence or terror, in my opinion serving as a guiding principle that directs us forward.”

Smith later expressed regret to Rock and resigned from the Academy, which imposed a 10-year attendance restriction on him. Smith eventually apologised to Rock.

Smith stated in his resignation statement, “I denied other nominations and winners the chance to honour and be honoured for their outstanding efforts. I’m devastated. I want to shift the spotlight back to those who merit recognition for their accomplishments and give the Academy the chance to resume the amazing work it does to encourage originality and artistic expression in film.”

“Change takes time, and I am dedicated to completing the work to guarantee that I never again allow violence to overcome reason,” he said in his conclusion at the time.

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