Jeymi from 90 Day’s Is Concerned About Kris’ “Mental Health” “Disturbing” and “Disrespectful,” After Tense Tell All

I could have put you in jail, but instead, I took the high road. On “90 Day Fiancé,” Kris Foster revealed to her ex-wife Jeymi Noguera the following: The Other Way’s candid account Throughout the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way exposé, Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera remained together.

When asked if they had any “final words” for one another, Kris responded, “No, because whatever I say, she’s going to add something to it. Therefore, it truly serves no use. Jeymi did, however, make a final stab, stating, “Yes, I’m very worried about your mental health.”

Kris answered, “Yeah, that’s the terrible s— I’m talking about. “I could have put you under the bus, but I didn’t; instead, I took the high road, but you insisted on being rude. Shocker.”

Kris’s mother Mona Pate discussed the breakdown of their relationship earlier in the tell-all. “They didn’t dream together, but they both had good dreams. I believe Kris really liked the concept of Jeymi, to put it another way, Mona said.

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Jeymi from 90 Day's is concerned about Kris' "mental health" "Disturbing" and "Disrespectful," after Tense Tell All

She continued, “What I hate about the whole thing is that I think they really wanted this [to work].” “I thought the concept was lovely. I believe Kris truly wanted this to succeed, but when she arrived in Columbia, I believe it turned out to be much more complicated than she had anticipated.

During the period they spent living overseas together, the ex-wives also engaged in a verbal spat over their finances. The funds Jeymi received from her ex-mom-in-law Mona when the couple was living in Columbia were documented by Jeymi. She allegedly received a total payment of just $1740.

In response, Kris said she “paid over seven grand in the time I was there,” which caused Jeymi to look perplexed. She had closed the bank account, so she was unable to produce receipts for her purchases.

Then, Jeymi asserted that she “paid for everything” when they were dating. In a flashback to one of their furious discussions, Kris defended her decision to remain in the country in order to support them.

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Jeymi from 90 Day's is concerned about Kris' "mental health" "Disturbing" and "Disrespectful," after Tense Tell All

If money were essential to me, Kris said, “I would be spending the money on myself.” But I send money to you with every penny I have. Every dollar I earn goes to you. For you, nothing I do is ever sufficient.

At the tell-all, Kris shared the following when the topic of money came to a close: “I just want her to acknowledge that everything I was doing was for her, that if I had the money, I would have left right away and I would have been there.”

Then Debbie, another cast member from 90 Day, interjected, asking, “Did we see Jeymi working and kicking her butt? You’ve worked so hard continuously working, working, working. Nope.”

That claim was refuted by Jeymi, who stated, “That is not accurate. I’ve worked my entire life, you see. I returned to my job.  merely asked her to pay the apartment’s rent, and that’s all. I didn’t request clothing from her. Just the apartment, nothing else. not another.”