English DJ, Television and Radio Personality Jimmy Savile Net Worth Death, Assets, Funeral & Other Less Known Facts

Jimmy Savile Net Worth

Net Worth of Jimmy Savile:

Jimmy Savile’s net worth was $10 million at the time of his death in 2011. In Leeds, Yorkshire, England, on October 31, 1926, James Wilson Vincent Savile was born. As the host of two well-known BBC programmes, Jimmy Savile Fix It and Top of the Pops, he became well-known.

He began his career as a record player, but eventually became involved in a variety of other endeavors, including the management of dance venues. At Radio Luxembourg, he began his career as a disc jockey in 1958. Since Tyne Tees Television began broadcasting in 1960, Savile has gained notoriety for his eccentricity and flamboyance.

jimmy savile net worth

The inaugural episode of BBC’s Top of the Pops was broadcast in 1964, and he became one of the show’s hosts. He began hosting Jimmy Savile Fix It in 1994, four years after being broadcast on BBC Radio 1 for the first time. In spite of his charitable work, he was actually one of the most prolific sex offenders in the United Kingdom. Hundreds of accusations of child sex abuse and rape surfaced within one year after his death.

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Jimmy Savile’s Estate Was Inherited By Whom?

Jimmy Savile real estate

After deducting expenses, the value of his estate was £3.3 million. Savile left a tiny amount of money to a few close friends and family members in his bequest.

A large portion of Savile’s estate was donated to the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust, which he had set up in 1985. One of the trust’s primary goals was to help alleviate poverty and illness through charitable donations. When Savile’s misdeeds were uncovered in an ITV documentary broadcast 11 months after his death, the trust’s balance was £3.6 million.

Before it shut down in 2017, the remaining funds were given to a number of charity. Some of Savile’s victims received compensation of £1.15 million from his personal money.

The majority of Savile’s wealth had been said to have gone to law firms representing claimants and involved in the Savile settlement system. This was anticipated to cost £2.5 million.

Is Jimmy Savile’s Funeral Being Held In A State Ceremony?

jimmy savile funeral

He wasn’t buried in St. Anne’s Cathedral, but he was laid to rest in Leeds’ iconic Queens Hotel before being transported to the cathedral via Leeds General Infirmary in a gold casket.

Celebrities including ex-boxer Frank Bruno and DJ Mike Read attended his funeral service, which was attended by thousands of mourners in the heart of Leeds. At Woodlands Cemetery, Scarborough, he was buried in a concrete coffin that was slanted at 45 degrees so that he could “see” the sea from his grave.

Sadly, after his crimes were made public, the memorial was vandalized, and his family requested that the headstones be removed and destroyed before being dumped in the landfill. His tomb is unmarked as of today.

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What Was Written On Jimmy Savile’s Gravestone?

Jimmy Savile Gravestone

Two poems, both produced in a clumsy manner, were engraved on the gravestones. His accomplishments were highlighted on the front of the card, while his motivations for selecting the gravesite and distinctive aspect were discussed on the back.

This miner, DJ, and friend to all was simply Jimmy Savile. A legend and a one-off there’s no mystery to untangle.

Several charity are mentioned on one of his gravestones. The statement, “It was good while it lasted” was inscribed on the headstones of the three deceased.

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