Jodie Sweetin’s Alarming Weight Loss During Pandemic: ‘I’m a Stress Starver’’

Jodie Sweetin, who rose to fame on “Full House” when she was just five years old, is speaking up about how the pandemic had a significant influence on her physical health.

The television personality recently chatted with Allison Kugel of the podcast “Allison Interviews.”

They discussed her life as an adoptive child star growing up as well as her experience on “Full House.”

Sweetin, who was adopted at the age of 14 months, considers it to be one of the most important events in her life. She claimed,

“I was 14 months old when I was adopted. The course of my life was drastically altered by it. having my first daughter at age 26 and being cast on “Full House” when I was five. These three events completely altered my life.

During the Epidemic, Jodie Acknowledges that She Turned Into a “Stress Starver.”


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“I am aware that during the epidemic I was a mess. I wasn’t a fully developed human being. It was terrible,” Sweetin acknowledged. I almost dropped 37 pounds since I’m a stress eater, the person said.

She stated that it was risky and not a healthy technique to reduce weight. She admitted.

“I’ve just given up eating. I struggled to swallow meals. If I’m being really honest, the epidemic was not good for me. As I already suffer from severe anxiety and despair, it didn’t exactly improve my mental health. Again, I can’t imagine how that affected individuals who were working on the front lines. I really battled with it and it was a period when I felt completely out of control for me,”

Sweetin continued by stating that her current main priority is to maintain her mental health and work on de-stigmatizing it for others.

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Jodie Talks About Her Time on “Full House”


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The absurd part is that Sweetin didn’t even go to the “Full House” auditions.

After appearing in “Valerie” as a guest star with Valerie Harper and Jason Bateman, she was offered the career-changing position.

She recalled,

“I did one episode of that program and it was for the same producers and same company who at the time were developing “Full House.” They recognized me as Stephanie and put me in the Full House series. I usually claim that everything worked out for the best. Naturally, following that, everything in my life changed.

With achieving overnight success at such a young age, Sweetin did experience addiction and mental health issues.

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The Kid Star Battled an Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol.

jodie sweetin weight lossIn 2009, she discussed her alcoholism in her memoir “UnSweetined.” While she was just 14 years old, she admitted to consuming two bottles of wine during Candace Cameron and Valerie Bure’s wedding.

She would now be on a bleak path to recovery.

Sweetin battled drug addiction as well. She formerly took narcotics including ecstasy, cocaine, and crystal meth.

The epidemic truly took a toll on her mental and physical health, but she has since worked on her rehabilitation and sobriety.

Although Sweetin is a “stress starver,” she disclosed that she shed 37 pounds throughout the epidemic.