Joe Rogan Controversy: Spotify Will Continue Hosting the Podcast, According to The Boss

More soul-searching is required by Spotify. Following recent boycotts by artists and fans over the popular streaming service’s devotion to Joe Rogan’s controversial program, this is the consensus among crisis management professionals.

Following the public outrage, Spotify is now torn between protecting its users by removing damaging content and maximizing profits.

The firm has attempted to do both thus far. It took down 70 of Rogan’s episodes, made its internal procedures for removing audio content public, and included a disclaimer to any podcasts about the pandemic.

The corporation also put $100 million into “historically excluded populations'” audio content.

Joe Rogan Controversy

However, according to crisis management specialists, Spotify is not canceling Joe Rogan, which might be a problem.

The popular podcaster has been accused of spreading misleading information about the coronavirus and has been chastised for using a racist slur in the past. Spotify is under pressure to take a harder stance on the podcasts it hosts as a result of its refusal to terminate connections with Rogan.

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According to Steven Fink, a crisis consultant and author of Crisis Communications: The Definitive Guide to Managing the Message, “it illustrates that revenues are more important than reputation.” “Being in that situation is never a good thing.”

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Joe Rogan and Covid-19 Misinformation

Joe Rogan Controversy

Dr. Robert Malone, a virologist, claimed that the success of vaccines is due to “mass creation psychosis” in an episode of Rogan’s podcast released on December 31.

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The virologist was previously banned from Twitter for disseminating false information on Covid-19.

He claims to be one of the creators of mRNA technology. Over 270 doctors signed an open letter to Spotify in response to the episode, calling the Joe Rogan Experience a “public health hazard.”

Covid misinformation row

According to Ek’s letter, Spotify would spend $100 million (£74 million) on licensing, development, and promotion of music and audio content from historically marginalized communities. According to him, the goal is to promote “all types of creators.”

Several musicians, including Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, have lately left Spotify in protest over Rogan’s participation in propagating false information about the coronavirus.

Joe Rogan Controversy

The show features a diverse spectrum of speakers who debate their perspectives on a number of topics, although some episodes have included erroneous and misleading statements.

The most recent episodes of Rogan’s podcast, which featured cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough and immunologist/virologist Dr. Robert Malone, have sparked a lot of controversies.

Rogan denied spreading false information, claiming that he “never sought to accomplish anything with this podcast other than chat to people.”

He did, however, concede that “certainly, I get things wrong,” and he backed Spotify’s intention to include a disclaimer at the beginning of problematic episodes.

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Spotify Ceo’s Memo to Staff

Joe Rogan Controversy

In a message delivered to Spotify employees on Monday, February 7, CEO Daniel Ek addressed the current problem.

“I have no words to express how sincerely sorry I am for how the Joe Rogan Experience situation continues to affect every one of you.

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“I want to make it clear that some of Joe Rogan’s views are not representative of the ideals of this firm,” he was quoted as saying.

Ek did, however, stress that the creator, who allegedly has a licensing agreement with Spotify, will not be removed.

“I don’t think that is the solution. “We should draw clear borders surrounding content and take action when they are crossed,” he said, “but canceling videos is a slippery slope.

He also announced a $100 million commitment from Spotify to produce and distribute music and audio content from underrepresented groups.