Everything to Know About Joel Osteen Plastic Surgery and Botox Rumors

American televangelist Joel Scott Osteen receives praise and criticism in equal measure. Due to his best-selling books and inspirational sermons, the Texas-based pastor, author, and businessman is a controversial figure in America and has a sizable following overseas. 

Joel Osteen has witnessed an exponential surge in his wealth since taking over his father’s position and has collected $100 million over the years. The pastor earns a large income from his sources even though he does not get a salary from the church. 

Now that the millionaire has so many options to spend his money, people who support him think one of them is plastic surgery, botox, and fillers. Together, let’s find out whether these rumors are true or not.

Joel Osteen: What Do You Need to Know About Him?

A Southern Baptist pastor and Dolores Pilgrim have six children together, including Joel Osteen. Joel inherited the Lakewood church that his father used to preach the gospel on television shows. 

Osteen expanded the spread of his Lakewood church by buying new properties to build better platforms to reach more people after taking over his father’s role. Along with becoming a preacher, he has also amassed millions of dollars from his best-selling books. 

joel osteen plastic surgery

By selling 4 million copies of his 2005 book Become A Better You worldwide, he was able to make $13 million. Throughout his career, he has authored 15 books and has continued to deliver sermons in front of packed stadiums.

Lakewood Church now has more than 50,000 members, making it the biggest church in America. The 16,000-seat cathedral, which has 600,000 square feet of space, is situated in the former Compaq Center, formerly the home of the NBA Rockets.

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Joel Osteen’s Plastic Surgery: Are the Rumors About His Botox and Plastic Surgeries True?

joel osteen plastic surgery

Joel has never admitted or rejected having Botox or plastic surgery. However, the temptation to get plastic surgery is strong.
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As fans compared the televangelist’s looks between when he was younger and now, there have been rumors that the well-known preacher had undergone plastic surgery, including Botox, and received fillers. 

Joel Osteen has a huge following that closely follows his every action.  Joel’s unnatural facial skin is a hot topic among his followers. Therefore it seems like he is aging like a fine wine which is rarely possible without plastic surgeries, botox, and fillers. Many people have noted the change in his looks.
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And the majority think he has Botox, as plastic surgery and getting fillers and Botox has become common, but the preacher has not confirmed or disputed the allegations.

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What Are the Thoughts of Joel Osteen About His Wealth?

joel osteen plastic surgery

The senior pastor of Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen, who is reportedly worth more than $50 million, no longer takes the $200,000 salary that is paid to him. Instead, he makes money from attractive speaking engagements all around the United States and book sales, many of which have reached the New York Times Best Seller List.

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According to the Orlando Sentinel, the preacher with the beaming smile also collects an estimated $43 million annually at his church, and despite the fact that he never requests donations during his broadcasts, people still send millions of dollars in the mail. 

Joel Osteen was also interviewed once by The Christian Post about why he doesn’t accept a salary from the church, Osteen said:

“Not everybody can do that, it’s not practical. But for us, it was important to me because I don’t need to. And I think it’s important to because being in the public eye, there’s a lot of scrutiny, and people think, well, he’s just doing it for money. This way I can say I don’t do any of this for money. God has blessed us in other ways. It’s really part of my message in that, you honor God and you stay faithful, you don’t know where God’s going to take you. I don’t tell people that God’s going to make them rich. But you don’t know how God’s going to bless you.”