Joey McIntyre Talks About His ‘Extraordinary Night’ At Carnegie Hall; Says ‘It Was Hard Not to Get Emotional’

Joey McIntyre talks about his debut performance at New York’s Carnegie Hall. The singer performed for his fans on his 50th birthday and calls it a moment of a lifetime! Joey found it almost impossible not to get emotional!

Joey McIntyre started his journey as a 12-year-old boy, singing Frank Sinatra’s song ‘L.O.V.E‘. Little did the young boy from Massachusetts know that he would be performing before a massive audience of thousands one day!

Now, when the singer is 50 years old, his dream of becoming a pop star has finally come true. On his show, New York witnessed Joey’s debut performance at Carnegie Hall, which left fans emotional through the journey of Joey as a musical artist.

The cherry on the cake was Joey’s performance of Frank Sinatra’s ‘L.O.V.E’ which reminded everyone about the struggles faced by Joey in his initial years.

Joey McIntyre on His 'Extraordinary Night' Performing at Carnegie Hall: 'It Was Hard Not to Get Emotional'

When McIntyre was interviewed by PEOPLE magazine on 14th January about his show, he said: “To say I’ve come a long way feels like a crazy understatement.” Adding to this, he said: “I remember being a kid in Maurice’s living room, singing that Sinatra song in front of them, not really knowing what it meant and where life would take us from there. And now to be on stage at Carnegie all these years later, singing it to a room filled with the love of friends, family and fans. I’m just truly grateful for it all.

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The night of the show was Joey most anticipated dream of all time. He truly understood what it meant to be there for a crowd of thousands and what the moment meant for him.

He had planned on singing a variety of songs which included a walk down the memory lane of his solo hit songs, cover songs etc.

This variety of songs showed how versatile Joey is an artist.

He said: “I didn’t want the entire night to be a whole ‘this is my life’ thing but it’s hard to not do that when there are so many important moments and people who have allowed me to get here.” The night was extremely special for him. Adding to it, he also said: “I felt very present the entire night. For something that was so monumental to me, I think the only thing I could have asked for was to just be present and not feel like the moment was too big.”

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It took many days of practices and rehearsals for Joey to be able to pull off his three hour spectacular show.