John Sandon Illness- John Was Rushed to Hospital in Cardiff!

John Sandon (born 1959) is a British ceramics and glass expert and prolific author. Since joining the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow in 1985, he has become a well-known authority on the subject.

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Update on John Sandon’s Health and Wellness

John Sandon, an antique expert, had a serious heart condition in the past. Fortunately, he appears to be in perfect health at the moment.

He was forced to cancel his Everest trek in 2010 due to severe sciatic nerve pain that developed just days before the planned departure date. His wife, Kristin, was forced to complete the trek alone.

Later that year, John was rushed to a Cardiff hospital, where he was diagnosed with heart failure. He was able to stand again after a series of treatments.

Everyone has been taken aback by his fervor and commitment to his work. In the upcoming season of Antiques Roadshow in 2021, he will be back with the same vigor.

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The Wife of Antiques Roadshow Expert John Sandon – Family History

john sandon illness

Kristin Sandon, the love of John Sandon’s life, is his wife. They’ve been married for decades now, and it’s lovely. In addition, John and his wife enjoy going on adventures together and have captured these experiences on camera.

To give you a little background on Henry Sandon, he is the son of a well-known English ceramics expert and television personality.

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His father was the greatest source of inspiration in his life. He developed a love for ceramics after watching his father work on them every day.

John dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to follow in his father’s footsteps. When Bonhams (formerly Phillips) opened in London in 1975, he was hired as an auctioneer.

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Additionally, he quickly made a name for himself as a porcelain expert.

Many successful ceramics publications have been co-authored by him over the years. Worcester Blue and White Porcelain, his debut novel, was published in 1981.

He’d figured out how to get his ideas across and impart his wisdom to others in a clear and concise manner. He has a total of thirteen books to his credit as of this writing.

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As if That Wasn’t Enough, He Has Appeared on The Antiques Roadshow Since 1997.

Fear of The Heart Doesn’t Deter John from Appreciating Fine China

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers during John’s recent illness. Fortunately, John is now back at work full time after a brief recuperation period. The past year has been difficult because of a slew of health issues.

After suffering from sciatica caused by a slipped disc, John had to cancel his Everest trek at the last minute, leaving his wife Kristin to complete the journey alone. John was rushed to the hospital in Cardiff, Wales, at Easter this year, where he was diagnosed with heart failure.

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Treatment has required the implantation of a cutting-edge pacemaker in his chest, but the reality is not nearly as bad as it sounds.

john sandon illness

The BBC Antiques Roadshow recently aired two new episodes, and John was able to attend both of them despite his limited schedule. He learned a lot both times.

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The Helmut Joseph collection sale at Bonhams was also an opportunity for John to take the rostrum. John would not have missed this opportunity to sell a Meissen snuff box for £860,000.

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