Johnny Rzeznik Plastic Surgery: The Goo Goo Dolls Lead Singer’s Little Secret

This is a shoutout to all 80s babies who grew up listening to the Goo Goo Dolls! You must be living under a rock not known by the name ‘Goo Goo Dolls’, but well, if you don’t, it was the greatest band of the 1980s. The band evolved at the speed of lightning from a garage-based cover band to one of the most popular punk and rock and roll forces to reckon with.

Here we are with the updates of the face of the band, John Rzeznik. For those who don’t know this fact, Rzeznik was the one who founded the band. Given his features, personality, and skills, it’s not surprising that people still drool over him. Here, we’re talking about his ageless beauty!

Can you believe that this person right here who’s making people go weak in the knees is in his fifties? Well, this is primarily the reason for the rumours regarding his plastic surgery springing up out of the blue from time to time. However, Rzeznik has never responded to the allegations of his going under the knife to get that face.



Johnny Rzeznik

Real name

John Joseph Theodre Rzeznik

Date Of Birth

5th December 1965



Place Of Birth

Buffalo, New York, US








American singer, songwriter, guitarist

Net Worth

$18 million

Source Of Income


About Johnny Rzeznik

Joseph Theodore Rzeznik, or as you all must know him by his stage name, Johnny Rzeznik founded the band with Robby Takac by his side on this journey of success. The band has recorded 12 studio albums after its quick and ever-lasting success. With the band, Johnny Rzeznik became a sensation among the youth and continues to do so even after all this time.

rzeznikAs far as his personal life is concerned, it is well-known that he used to be an alcoholic, which got his fans worried. Rest assured, he realised his health comes first and took drastic steps to recover from this addiction. The recovering alcoholic musician star also took some steps to maintain his health and to live a clean and long life. This fact can’t be ignored, especially when we are talking about that glow he got on his face after all these years. The changes in his lifestyle for sure have an impact on his skin, making it better than it ever was.

In addition to this, the star has also indulged himself in meditation, yoga, and the like to keep up with his promise to himself of a healthy life. This also helped him maintain his natural beauty even in his fifties. However, it is still quite evident that these alone cant maintain the youthful look Rzeznik carries.

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Johnny Rzeznik Plastic Surgery

Johnny RzeznikWell, looking at his pictures, it is pretty much clear that he did get some work done on his face. However, Rzeznik, unlike other stars who are open about their plastic surgeries and feature correction procedures, has decided to stay mum over the questions.

Reports with sharp eyes have noticed minute differences in his facial features over the years and have hence reached the conclusion that the musician underwent plastic surgery. To be precise, there are speculations that he underwent a nose job, chin correction, botox, and probably facial filters.


If we compare Rzeznik’s pictures of before and now, there are a few things that can not be ignored. For instance, in the pictures taken before his plastic surgery (probably), Rzeznik had a wide-set nose. However, in the recent pictures of the star, he’s got a pointed nose. Well, the shape of the nose can’t just change like this overnight. It is speculated that he did a rhinoplasty procedure to get that pointy nose.

Similarly, his chin was a lot different when he was younger than it is right now. Well, you may say that it’s just the cause of ageing. But there are good chances that he underwent a chin augmentation in the form of either mentoplasty or genioplasty, making his chin appear so chiselled that his jaw may have the potential of making a cut of one’s finger.

rzeznikKeen observers have also noticed something strange about his artificial look. Fans have commented that it looks like his face is drained of all colour, with a superficial look, indicating a Botox injection.

While it is unclear as to how many plastic surgeries has Rzeznik undergone, it is quite evident that he has had at least a few plastic surgeries to fix his face to look youthful. It is a common trend for celebrities of contemporary times to undergo cosmetic surgeries to feel a little more confident in their skin. No Biggie! All we have to do is support the star and wait for him to open up about his plastic surgeries and the like.