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Who is Jonathan Davino? Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Complete Info!

Sydney Bernice Sweeney an American actress who became famous for her role on Euphoria, is the girlfriend of Jonathan Davino, a restaurateur. In a recent conversation with Paper magazine 2020, she explained, “I try to be able to play different characters from myself, as well as other people. And her fans are interested in whether or not she’s dating anyone. For the past six months, they’ve been seeing each other in Hawaii. They went public with their relationship last year. The pair have been seen together since 2018 when they attended an InStyle and Kate Spade dinner in Los Angeles. The pair were seen at TAO Chicago Nightclub for Jonathan’s birthday in 2019. However, they have not been forthcoming about their connection and Sydney said to Elite Daily, “I was with a buddy.”

Who is Jonathan Davino?

The heir to the pizza company Pompei is Daniel Davino, who runs a chain of Italian restaurants. He is very reclusive about his personal life, and he has never been active on social media. Pompei was established by Luigi Davino in 1909, according to the company website. He named it Pompeii because it was near to Our Lady of Pompeii Church. ‘In 2019, Ralph Davino expanded his family business from a modest bakery that specialized in bread and low pans of pizza to a quick-service Italian dining establishment,’ it continued. “When he decided to skyrocket the company’s profile by extending its scope from just a few cities to many more, he had a vision,” the extension read.’ Pompei is a restaurant in Chicago that is over 60 years old and has a long history of delicious cuisine. Pompei is one of Chicago’s oldest and most famous Italian restaurants, according to the website. Jonathan owns Mista Pizza, which is located in Chicago. In addition, he opened another establishment in 2013 named Pompeii Xpress at 2931 N. Broadway Avenue in Lakeview. The original name was Pompeii Xpress, but it was changed to Davino’s Xpress when the restaurant in Pompeii opened.

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Is Jonathan Davino a new addition to the cast?

He was born in 1983 in the United States, and he is 37 years old. He was born to Roger Davino (father) and Velda Davino (mother). Kimi, Anthony, Tommy, Mark, Jimmy, Carissa are some of his relatives and siblings’ names.

Who is Jonathan Davino dating? Is he married or single?

Who Is Sydney Sweeney Boyfriend: Everything We Know - Celebrity Relations

Sydney Bernice Sweeney, better known by her stage name Sydney Sweeney, is an American actress who has been in a relationship with Nathan David Davino for several months. The pair has been together since 2018, and they both attended an InStyle and Kate Spade dinner in Los Angeles last year. However, the pair has never been vocal about their relationship in public. He also appeared in Netflix’s Everything Sucks! She is known for brief roles in shows like The Handmaid s Tale Sharp Objects, and Pretty Little Liars’. She got her breakthrough as Cassie Howard on Euphoria.

What is Jonathan Davino Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Jonathan Davino is between $3 Million to $4 Million USD.




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