Jordan Peterson Controversy and Why Is He in The News Again?

Jordan Peterson Controversy

Jordan Peterson is a multifaceted personality. People will tell you, first and foremost, that he is a clinical psychologist who has studied and researched for many years in Canada and the United States.

He’s an author, YouTuber, public speaker, and media personality who’s frequently utilized by right-wing political analysts to “destroy the libs.”

Jordan Peterson, on the other hand, is divisive.

If the reactions to Peterson’s recent participation in “The Joe Rogan Experience” are any indication, he knows how to appeal to one group while enraging the other.

But, what precisely has he said, and why do people love to hate him, hate to love him, respect him, and loathe him?

Jordan Peterson, a psychologist, has resurfaced in the media. Why? Penguin Random House, Peterson’s Canadian publisher, has expressed reservations about his upcoming book, which is set to be published in 2021.

Employees challenged management during a tumultuous town hall meeting, according to Vice, while others have filed complaints alleging that the publishing behemoth should not be giving Peterson a platform.

“Regardless of the content of his book, he’s an icon of hate speech and transphobia, and the fact that he’s an icon of white supremacy, I’m not proud to work for a firm that publishes him,” an employee is quoted as saying.

Who, exactly, is Jordan Peterson? A clinical psychologist from Canada and a psychology professor at the University of Toronto. The self-described “Professor Against Political Correctness” became well-known for his contentious political and social beliefs. His books have become bestsellers, including Maps of Meaning and 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote For Chaos.

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What makes him so divisive? Peterson declared in 2016 that he would not utilize transgender students’ preferred pronouns. At the time, the Canadian Parliament was discussing a measure prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity or expression. According to legal experts, the law would punish hate speech rather than forcing people to use certain pronouns.

Oh. So, what happened after that? Peterson argued that the bill would impinge on his freedom of speech, and as a result, his anti-political correctness rants have attracted millions of viewers on his YouTube channel.

His views on other issues, such as gender women should avoid wearing high heels and makeup in the workplace to avoid harassment and religion Islamaphobia is “a word established by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons”, have drawn both supporters and detractors.

Others saw him as “a type of secular prophet… amid an era of lobotomized conformism,” as one Canadian columnist put it. Whatever you think of Peterson, his cynicism and flawless presentation have earned him a big following.

OK. What is the topic of this new book? Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life will be released in March 2021 in bookstores throughout the world. The book will, according to Penguin, draw on psychology, philosophy, and Peterson’s personal experiences to help readers live a more “courageous, true, and meaningful existence.”

Isn’t the publishing crew overreacting if it’s only a little philosophy? It’s all too easy to dismiss what’s going on as a few Millennials seeking to silence free expression. But there’s more going on here.

Identity politics in which people’s gender, race, or sexuality are emphasized and other belief systems can and should be scrutinized. Some worry, though, that Peterson goes too far and becomes a rockstar figurehead for the alt-right as a result.

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They believe Peterson radicalizes “disaffected men” and gives fringe groups license to hold negative beliefs regarding transgender persons and women, for example.

Isn’t Peterson, though, entitled to free speech? He is free to express himself and publish books. Penguin, on the other hand, being a private firm, has the option of not publishing him.

Jordan Peterson Controversy

Is the book going to be pulled? We’ll have to see. Penguin has had a “tense” town hall meeting and has requested personnel for comments at this point.

“We announced yesterday that we will publish Jordan Peterson’s new book Beyond Order this coming March,” the publisher said in a statement to VICE. We hosted a forum shortly after the announcement to allow our staff to voice their thoughts and provide feedback

Our staff has developed an anonymous feedback system, which we support wholeheartedly. We welcome input from our employees and are happy to answer any queries they may have. We’re still dedicated to publishing a diverse spectrum of voices and perspectives.”

This sounds a lot like something I’ve heard before. You’re absolutely correct. After famous chef Pete Evans shared an image on social media with a neo-Nazi emblem, publisher Pan Macmillan severed connections with him last week.

In March, Hachette employees staged a walkout to protest the release of Woody Allen’s memoir. The book was eventually removed from the publisher’s list. Keep an eye on the situation.

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