Who Is Jose Aldo? Know the Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle of This MMA Fighter!

Brazilian mixed martial artist Jose Aldo Jr. has a $9 million fortune. Aldo is best known for his time spent competing in the UFC, where he has amassed a number of titles. Three UFC Featherweight championships are among these titles.

Before the WEC and the UFC united, he also won the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) championship. He rose to become one of the top five UFC bantamweight competitors in 2021.

He remained unbeaten in his MMA career up until 2005. This year, Luciano Azevedo stopped him, handing him his first professional defeat. Afterward, he made a great comeback and won 18 straight fights before being defeated once more by Connor McGregor at UFC 194 in 2015. Aldo is still widely regarded as the greatest featherweight in martial arts history.

Early Years

On September 9, 1986, José Aldo da Silva Oliveira Junior was born in Manaus, Brazil. José was dropped onto a BBQ when still a newborn and sustained a severe burn over his face. Despite his initial desire to play soccer, he rapidly picked up fighting skills after being repeatedly attacked on the streets.

jose aldo net worth

Capoeira was the subject of his initial martial arts instruction before he moved on to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. José continues to be a devoted follower of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo and an enthusiastic soccer fan.

Aldo moved to Rio de Janeiro at the age of 17 and concentrated solely on MMA. Except for the clothing on his back, he had nothing to his name. José frequently went without meals for extended periods of time at this time, and members of his training gymnasium frequently had to ensure that he had enough to eat. Early in his work, his only objective was to simply make enough money to be able to own a home.


José first gained the moniker “Junior” when competing in MMA. At the age of 17, he engaged in his first professional fight, which he won with a decisive knockout just 16 seconds into the opening frame. His subsequent fights followed the same pattern, all of which ended in decisive knockouts or stoppages by the referee. Sadly, this winning streak would come to an end after he lost to the accomplished black belt in Luta Livre Luciano Azevedo in 2005.

Before entering the WEC, Aldo bounced back strongly, winning a number of fights. This would turn out to be the start of his ascent to stardom as a well-known fighter around the world. He competed in his first WEC match against Alexandre Franca Nogueira in 2008. With a flying knee to the face, Aldo ended the fight in just eight seconds.

jose aldo net worth

After that, he defeated Mike Brown in a rematch via technical knockout in the second round. He also defeated Urijah Faber in a 2010 fight that was decided by unanimous decision. José successfully defended his featherweight championship after winning it by knocking out Manvel Gamburyan 92 seconds into the second round.

The WEC and UFC joined later in 2010, giving Aldo access to a completely new fighter roster. He successfully defended his title at UFC 129 in 2011 against opponent 129 by unanimous decision. He defeated Chad Mendes in 2012 at UFC 142, and in Rio de Janeiro, he celebrated by diving into the spectators.

Aldo maintained his superiority over the following few years and triumphed over opponents like Chan Sung Jung, Ricardo Lama, and Frankie Edgar. Then he faced Chad Mendes to make another title defense.

José’s winning streak will stop in 2015 when he was defeated by Conor McGregor. Aldo suffered his first loss in more than ten years at UFC 194 when McGregor submitted him 13 seconds into the opening round. José, though, went on to defeat Frankie Edgar once more and regain the featherweight championship after McGregor lost his.

However, Max Holloway’s victory over him at UFC 212 in 2017 meant that his new title was short-lived. Despite a rematch later that year, Aldo suffered a similar defeat to Holloway the second time around.

It appeared that José’s reputation of being unbeatable was waning over the following few years. In 2019, he lost to Alexander Volkanovski despite having defeated opponents like Jeremy Stephens and Renato Moana. Aldo declared that he would drop to bantamweight later that year.

In his debut matchup in this division, he was defeated by Marlon Moraes. His career was slowed down by the Covid-19 epidemic of 2020, but he ultimately resumed fighting at UFC 251, when he fell to Petr Yan. He recovered though, defeating Marlon Vera once again. It was revealed that Pedro Munhoz and José would square off in 2021.

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Fighting Style

Jose Aldo is regarded as a Muay Thai fighter who prefers to strike with both his hands and feet. He is a formidable defensive wrestler who is challenging to pin. He had a reputation for ending bouts with a bombardment of knees, fists, and kicks throughout his formative years.

He amassed the most victories and knockouts of any fighter in WEC and UFC history thanks to this aggressive fighting style. Over the course of his career, he has registered close to 700 strikes overall.

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jose aldo net worth

Jiu-jitsu purple belt Vivianne Perreira, who has competed professionally in Muay Thai, is José Aldo’s wife. They have had one child together thus far in their partnership.

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