Joseph Quinn, Star of Stranger Things, Cries After Being Thanked for His Lengthy Fan Interactions!

Joseph Quinn, the breakout star of “Stranger Things,” sobbed uncontrollably while making a recent visit to London Film and Comic-Con.

After a fan rose up to praise him for spending time with fans, the actor, who became an immediate fan favorite thanks to his portrayal of Hellfire Club leader Eddie in the fourth season of the Netflix series, was unable to control his tears.

During the London Film and Comic-Con, rumors spread on social media that Quinn was harassed by security for mingling with fans for an excessive amount of time while signing merchandise (via BuzzFeed). Quinn’s meet-and-greet tickets apparently sold out early, so organizers wanted to move rapidly through the crowd.

It appears that Quinn talked with his admirers for a longer period of time than security preferred. One participant posted on social media, “The way Joseph Quinn was treated at LFCC is absolutely terrible.” Staff yelled at him and told him to stop interacting with fans and simply sign since they oversold tickets and couldn’t fit everyone in.

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One fan stood up and remarked, “Mine’s not really a question, it’s more of an extension of thanks,” during a bigger Q&A session with Quinn. Whether it’s true or not, many of us have heard about what happened yesterday and how you were treated.

Joseph Quinn, Star of Stranger Things, Cries After Being Thanked for His Lengthy Fan Interactions!

We genuinely appreciate you sharing your time, and I just want to say that. We appreciate you signing our papers, spending time with us, and making our summer special.

The supporter continued, “I think we’ve all felt a connection to Eddie for one reason or another. Whether we enjoy his musical preferences or the fact that he is an outsider. I believe Eddie is a part of all of us. We made the long trip because we connected with you so well, and you really transformed our weekend.

Quinn was observed crying as a result of the support from the fan. Why’d you done that? the actor asked, wiping away his tears. Netflix is now streaming “Stranger Things 4.”

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