Josh McKee Looks Happy With New Girlfriend Halie

After his divorce from former Teen Mom star Mackenzie Mackie, Josh Mackie has moved on and has a new girlfriend Halie.

Josh Mackie has a new girlfriend after his divorce from Mackenzie Mackie. To make matters worse, some people have even claimed that Josh’s new wife looks a lot like his ex-wife.

Teen Mom Chatter’s Instagram page reported that Josh has a new girlfriend named Hailey.

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The former reality star announced the end of their marriage in July.

At the time, Mackenzie spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Celebz! About dissolution. “I come from a very deep, immature and vulnerable part of my heart… Life is crazy.

Our whole life has been in the spotlight,” Mackenzie said. “I’m stepping into a whole new life and a new me. Things that used to make me cry are easier now,” the 28-year-old said.

I am very grateful for that. “Josh and I are both young and have lives ahead of us. Apparently her ex is taking the next step in his life.

According to her account, she has two daughters. Mackenzie had already hinted at this development.

In September, Josh, the mother of three, revealed on Instagram Live that she was already “thinking seriously” about Josh dating someone new.

“When he was dating someone…and now he’s really into someone,” Mackenzie said. hinted that he had gone ahead.\Josh McKee New Girlfriend Halie aka halienlow and Children

However, she admitted that it wasn’t all that easy. Mackenzie said, “Sometimes it makes me sad. It makes me really sad. “It was my best friend.

But I don’t regret the decision to leave. I have no regrets.” Speaking to Celebz, Mackenzie insisted she turn the page.

“In the old days, I would have published an article about how bad Josh was, what he did, and why this marriage was coming to an end.” Yet both. We are humans, we are all just humans trying to make it on this planet.”

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She explained that the road ahead with her and Josh will continue to have its ups and downs even after their marriage has ended.

So, “Do I regret that decision? No. Not at all. It’s hard being a single mother. This life.” Mackenzie explained that it’s not an easy topic for her to talk about.

“Do you want to talk about this downtime in my life?” she told us. “No. But people have been following us for over a decade before other tabloids twisted it.

I just want people to understand that there is, and that we are human beings just like the rest of the world. However, she is determined to continue a healthy relationship with Josh. “I love Joshua as the father of my children and will respect him from now on,” she signed.