Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder Talk About Their ‘Dream Come True’ Life!

The life Julia Roberts has described her husband Daniel Moder and their three children as a “dream come true”

The Academy Award-winning actress has revealed that motherhood surpasses all of her wildest dreams.

Roberts said on CBS Sunday Morning, “Being an actress has just never consumed me.” For me, this is a dream realized. But that’s not the only wish that’s come true for me.

The family that my spouse and I have created together. The family we’ve created with our kids,” she elaborated. Having something to celebrate with loved ones at the end of a long day is “the greatest stuff.”

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder Talk About Their 'Dream Come True' Life!

The 54-year-old actress Julia Roberts has been married to her 53-year-old husband Daniel Moder for nearly 20 years. Aside from their 17-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, the actress and cinematographer also have a 15-year-old son, Henry.

She gushed about her children, saying, “I always assume that they all look like me.” “Then Danny gets home from work, and I’m like, ‘Oh, you, that’s who they look like,'” she said.

Roberts told CBS Sunday Morning that being a “homemaker” is her full-time job when she’s not on set, though she did note that motherhood isn’t without its difficulties.

It’s her “full-time” occupation “when I’m not working,” she clarified. And it’s not all sunshine and kittens, of course, but it makes my life much more enjoyable.

The upcoming romantic comedy Ticket To Paradise stars the actress opposite her friend George Clooney, and she revealed that the 62 days she spent filming in Australia were the longest she has ever been away from her family.

Roberts and her husband passed the time by exchanging letters, which she hopes to show her daughter Hazel one day.

This is something Danny and I have done for years,” Roberts said. I have carefully preserved the seven-page letter that was his first to me. In the future, I hope to present this to Hazel and tell her, “That’s it; that’s exactly what you’ve been seeking all along.”

Roberts has apparently already begun handing down elements of her renowned clothing to her daughter Hazel, and not just in the form of love advice. In 2001, when Roberts won Best Actress for her part in Erin Brockovich, she donned a classic Valentino black-and-white gown. Her daughter found the dress while shopping for a prom dress.


In the spring of last year, my daughter was rummaging in the wardrobe for potential prom dresses when she said, “What’s this dress?” This is what Roberts clarified. Just try it on, I told him.

It was overly huge, but she looked beautiful in it.

At the Ticket to Paradise premiere in London last September, Roberts donned a custom-made Alexander McQueen gown as a touching tribute to her loved ones. Roberts wore the one-of-a-kind black gown embellished with crystal beads and sequins on the red carpet. A black cropped tuxedo jacket matched her evening outfit.

Clearly a tribute to her husband’s initials, “JR + DM” was stitched into the dress with a heart adorned with crystals. In honour of her three children, the initials “H+F+H” were swen onto the outfit as well.