Unveiling Julianne Hough’s Nutritious and Delicious Diet Plan

Julianne Hough of Dancing with the Stars is a fantastic source of exercise motivation because she frequently posts images from her fitness line, KINRGY. She chooses a nutritious diet that consists of smoothies, proteins, veggies, and lots of water to give her energy.

“I always carry a water bottle along with me. I put ice in it and fill it to the brim every night before going to bed; it contains 40 ounces of water, which I drink all night. Obviously not all of it, but I have to drink some cool water before I go to bed “Delish magazine informed Julianne.

Check out the healthy meals the ballerina and her husband, Brooks Laich, prepare at home…

What Breakfast Foods Does Julianne Hough Eat?

Julianne Hough Diet

Recently, Julianne disclosed that she starts each day with a steaming mug of hot water and lemon and that her preferred meal is steamed eggs with tomato and avocado.

She loads herself on green juice beforehand because she frequently exercises before eating her first meal of the day. According to ELLE, the ingredients she uses in her recipe depend on what she has on hand.

“I normally add a green apple, some spinach, and kale since I prefer it a little sweeter and less bitter. Again, I’ll add additional carrots if I want them to be sweeter.

But I will add it because I also like ginger and lemon. Anything green, actually, like cucumber and celery. Depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll occasionally add beets “She spoke.

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What Lunchtime Meal Does Julianne Hough Eat?


Chicken and salad are frequently offered for lunch, whether they are accompanied by other veggies or are wrapped up.

She is said to enjoy eating her protein with a “mixed green salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, hearts of palm, almonds, edamame, banana peppers, and olive oil and squeezed lemon,” according to reports.

Also, Julianne has admitted to consuming peanut butter and banana sandwiches with a pretty peculiar addition that she and her brother Derek came up with.

According to Delish, the siblings’ salt and vinegar crisps are a mashup of their two all-time favorite childhood sandwich toppings.

What Supper Food Does Julianne Hough Consume?

Julianne Hough Diet

Julianne likes Italian food but will choose baked fish or chicken and veggies when she is trying to eat healthily. She enjoys the odd glass of wine as well as foods like penne arrabbiata and Margherita pizza.

“Funny thing is, I used to love dessert a lot, but now I’d rather have a bottle of wine. If I do, though, I adore ice cream. I’d really enjoy some sticky toffee pudding or something similar “She said.

She consumes dark chocolate-covered almonds as a lighter dessert.

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What Kinds of Snacks Eats Does Julianne Hough Have?

Although Julianne told ELLE that Milk Duds and Sour Patch Watermelons were her favorite sweets, she has also been spotted chowing down on an ice cream cone.

The 32-year-healthy old’s snacks include fruit like oranges, a smoothie made by personal trainer Harley Pasternak that tastes like apple pie, and even juice shots.

In October, she quipped that the only shots she now takes are health shots with her mother while posting a picture of a tray of juice shots on her private jet on Instagram Stories.