Julie London Cause Of Death: Emergency! Nurse Death Mystery Revealed

You might have heard of the name Julie London associated with singers than with actors. Well, she was a talented lady who could both act and sing. The American entertainer who ruled over the hearts of the audience had a string of hits for over a decade between 1950s and 1960s.

There’s gotta be no chance that you haven’t listened to the famous song ‘Cry Me a River‘ by Arthur Hamilton. Well, Julie London is better known for her notable single on the form of this song. It came as a shock to everyone when her death was announced. Let’s get to the root of the cause of her death.

About Julie London

Julie London has released more than 30 albums and her hard work justifies her being one of the most loved and obviously the most popular pop and jazz performer of her time. Many people may not know about it, but she was also a profound actor. Julie made her debut in 1944 with ‘Nabonga’. Further, she went on to make appearance in a plethora of Westerns like ‘Saddle of Wind’, ‘Man of the West’, etc.

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She became an instant sensation, stealing away everyone’ heart with her role in ‘Emergency!‘. She portrayed nurse Dixie McCall in a way in which no one ever could. Appearing in 126 episode, she made the TRPs go high whenever we was on-screen.


London died in 2000 leaving her fans all over the world crying and curious over the cause of her death. She was 74 when she left the world. The reports of the time suggest that she was living in Los Angeles at the time of her death.

J. London

People were left shunned to have discovered her body lying lifeless. Later, reports suggest that it was a cardiac arrest which led to the death of the loved star. This was most probably one of the effects of the stroke she had experienced several years before her death.

Some fans still speculate that there must be something else to the mystery of the sudden death of the star. However, no other revelations have been made since. We’ll keep you updated if there’s some advancement in the case.