Junko Furuta Case: The Brutal Murder Story of a Girl, Complete Info!

Junko Furuta was a Japanese girl who was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered in 1988. The case of Junko Furuta is one of the most infamous unsolved crimes in Japan’s history. Her death has been called “the ultimate humiliation” for police by the media. It is also known as “The Girl Who Was Raped to Death”. This article will explore what happened to her, why she died, and how this crime changed society forever. We’ll also discuss the impact it had on law enforcement’s approach to rape cases in Japan.

This is a true tale that might have a big impact on your life. This spine-chilling story is about a 17-year old Japanese girl, Junko Furuta who was kidnapped, raped, tortured like hell for 44 days, and finally killed in an extremely brutal way by four boys after 44 days in the year 1988. Following her body being discovered in a concrete drum, the murder case of an 18-year-old high school student who was encased inside a concrete container became known as the concrete-encased high school girl murder case.

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Junko Furuta A Japanese Girl Killed Brutally

Junko Furuta was a high school student in Japan who lived in Saitama Yashio-Minami. Junko, like any other typical student, had her own goals and objectives she wanted to achieve. Not only that, but she also had several excellent qualities about which her classmates liked her. She never smoked or consumed alcoholic beverages. She was drug-free, too.

She was very beautiful. There was a young man named Hiroshi Miyano who admired her. He went to Junko with his offer, but she turned it down right away. Hiroshi was furious after she turned him down, and he resolved to get even with her.

Here’s what went down in the case of Junko Furuta.

On November 25, 1988, while Junko was riding home on her bicycle after a part-time job, a strange boy swerved to avoid her and caused her to fall. Maki Maki went to her, as though to assist her. Miki had a vision that his father would be murdered, and he began to suspect that something was wrong. When Junko arrived at the scene where it happened, she had no recollection of what happened. She only knew she did not do anything wrong. Before she could recall her past, Miyano and his three buddies kidnapped Junko. They took Junko to a home in Adachi, Tokyo, which was owned by one of the kidnappers’ parents. Junko was forced to call her parents and inform them that she had run away, that she was safe, and that she would be staying with some of her friends for a while.

Then started the real torture of the innocent girl by the boys. Not even in their worst nightmare can anyone imagine the suffering that Junko has endured. Junko was tortured for 44 days by the boys. During these 44 days, they kept her naked. 100 different people raped Junko more than 500 times.

The boys tried every horrible method to torture Junko. She was beaten to a pulp. Scissors, bottles, a hot exploding light bulb, grilled chicken skewers, roasting needles, and irons were inserted into her genitals. They burnt different parts of her body as well. They did not think twice before cutting off her breasts. The girl was even forced to eat cockroaches and drink urine.

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The boys crossed all limits in trying to torture and assault Junko. They urinated on her. They even hung her from the ceiling and made her their punching bag. She was forced to sleep on the balcony during the cold winter months. The dumbells crushed her stomach. But I didn’t want to be persuaded by these ignorant and prejudiced people. They beat her with golf clubs, iron rods, and even stored in the refrigerator for hours. They made a number of holes in her body with needles. The cruel boys even burnt har genitals, clitoris, and eyelids with a cigarette lighter. Her left nipple was bent with pliers. Junko was unable to stand due to the severity of her injuries since she had so many. To use the bathroom, she had to go down the stairs.

Junko phoned for help after approximately twenty days of abduction and torture, although she may not have known how to do so. However, the boys disconnected the call before Junko could speak by snatching away her phone. Following this, she was punished severely by burning her legs. They poured lighter fuel on her legs and burnt them with fire. She was in significant pain when I came home, so she called for help. When that didn’t work, the only thing left to try was surgery. Yet by that time, she had been confined to her bed for three weeks with no chance of getting up. After that, she couldn’t even walk.

Because of a blood clot in her nose, she was unable to breathe. She vomited due to gastrointestinal bleeding, which she was unable to digest the food. But the inhuman boys even beat her for making the carpet dirty by vomiting.

Junko Furuta – Death

Junko Furuta

My dog received the same treatment, and she now has an active lifestyle. Her appetite was also much better, but after around 30 days, she even stopped urinating. She sustained hearing loss as well. Not able to handle this pain anymore, Junko finally begged to kill her and close it all. Finally, the torturers mutilated her on the 44th day of her abduction. The boys did not spare even the mutilated body and beat with an iron barbell. Later they poured lighter fluid on her face, stomach, legs, and face and burnt with fire. The final agony lasted roughly two hours. On January 4, 1989, Junko finally passed away.

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The worst part of this Junko Furuta tale is that the savage killers were not sentenced to death or even life imprisonment, all of whom were under the age of 18. Mian Mian and his four friends were sentenced to a combined twenty years in prison for the arson attack. The fourth boy was only given seven years, while the other three were sentenced to fifteen. By now, the four boys may have been set free from jail. Although we consider her to be a good person, it is devastating to learn that little was done to punish Junko Furuta’s horrible murder. The innocent girl must suffer unimaginable pain as a result of her lack of culpability.

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