Kai Jones’ Romantic Side: Unveiling the Mystery of the Rising NBA Star’s Girlfriend

Kai Jones, who plays for the Charlotte Hornets, is dating Freya Lodge Whitham. There hasn’t been much talk about their friendship, but basketball fans are now interested in finding out more about her.

Freya and Kai have kept their relationship quiet. No one knew they were dating until she posted a picture of him on Instagram and called him her boyfriend. It looked like Kai Jones shared the first picture of them together in October 2023.

Kai Jones Girlfriend

In the NBA, Freya Lodge Whitham is not a very well-known player. A player for the Charlotte Hornets named Kai Jones is her boyfriend. Before recently, there wasn’t much information or news about their relationship. That is, until basketball fans wanted to know more about her. Freya and Kai have kept their relationship pretty quiet. The public only learned about it when she shared a picture of Kai on Instagram and called him her boyfriend.


Kai Jones also put up a picture of them together on social media in October 2023. We don’t know for sure, but it’s possible that they met in college for the first time. Kai and Freya are about the same age. Freya was born to Sarah and Stuart Whitham. Even though she lives in the US now, she has ties to New Zealand.

Before coming to the US to study further, Freya went to Christchurch Girls High School in New Zealand. She is a student at the University of North Carolina right now. Additionally, Freya plays soccer for the UNC Braves, and she was even given the chance to join the New Zealand Women’s U20 soccer camp.

Who is Kai Jones?

From the Bahamas, Kai Jones is a professional basketball player who now plays for the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA. The Bahamas born him on January 19, 2001. He came to the US when he was 11 years old. The first time he played basketball was when he was 15. His fast growth made him want to play more.


Kai played basketball for the Texas Longhorns in college. The New York Knicks picked him with the 19th pick in the NBA draft in 2021. They then moved him to the Charlotte Hornets. He finally joined the NBA on August 3 when he signed with the Hornets.

Who is Freya Lodge?

Freya is Kai’s partner. We don’t know her exact birthday, but she looks to be around 20 or 21 years old, the same age as her boyfriend, who is 22. In her Instagram bio, it says that she has ties to both Charlotte, North Carolina, and Christchurch, New Zealand. Freya Lodge Whitham is an athlete, just like her boyfriend Kai Jones from the Bahamas.


Kai is the daughter of Sarah and Stuart Whitham, and she is very good at basketball. Freya finished high school at Christchurch Girls High School and then went on to study at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. She is happy to play football for the UNC Pembroke Braves right now. There was an offer for Freya Lodge to join the NZ Women’s U20 camp in July 2021.

Freya Lodge Witham Achievements

Many great things have been done by Freya Lodge Whitham in sports, especially soccer. In July 2021, she got an invitation to join the New Zealand Women’s U20 soccer camp, which was her biggest achievement. Her skill and promise as a soccer player are shown by this invitation, which also shows how much she loves the game. Her public sporting career is still developing, but this accomplishment shows how dedicated and skilled she is at soccer and points to a bright future in the sport.

Kai Jones’s Relationship With Freya Lodge Witham

There is still no clear date for when Kai Jones and Freya Lodge Whitham’s relationship started. Details about how and when they met for the first time and started dating are not known to the public.

This changed in May 2023, when Freya Lodge Whitham decided to tell everyone about their relationship. They did this on social media. She told everyone that Kai Jones, a professional basketball player for the Charlotte Hornets, was her boyfriend in a sincere way.


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Kai Jones is not just a rising star on the basketball court; he’s also a private individual when it comes to his personal life, including his girlfriend. The limited information available and the absence of public appearances with a romantic partner underline his dedication to his career. While fans may be curious about his personal life, Kai remains focused on his journey to becoming a prominent figure in the NBA.