Did ‘Letterkenny’ Star Kamilla Kowal Get Plastic Surgery Done?

Fans are curious to know whether Kamilla Kowal has really taken herself under the needles. The Before and After pictures have circulated the internet and speculations are being made about procedures the Canadian actress has undergone. Read to find out the truth about Kamilla Kowal’s Plastic Surgery!

Profile & Early life

Kamilla Kowal is a well-known Canadian actress who has appeared in several films and TV shows. She has participated in a number of Canadian and American films and television programs. Bonnie McMurray, one of Kamilla’s most well-known roles, is from the television series Letterkenny (2016–present). It is a comedy series, and Kamilla rose to fame after portraying Bonnie in this TV series. Kamilla Kowal was born on Thursday, July 17, 1997 in Ontario, Canada. She is of Canadian descent, and she is a Cancerian.

kamilla kowal plastic surgery


From a young age, Kamilla Kowal has been devoted to acting. She has also won numerous beauty pageants. In the American documentary television series “Web Of Lies,” she made her acting debut in 2016, launching her acting career (2016). Kamilla portrayed Cheyenne in this television series. In the TV series, she was liked by many viewers.

The New Romantic, a 2018 film written and directed by Carly Stone, was the next film in which she made her Canadian film debut. Kamilla portrayed the character Emily in this film. The movie “Winter Love Story” was released in 2019 and was directed by T.W. Peacocke, and she made her American film debut.

kamilla kowal plastic surgery

Kowal played the part of an animated student in this film. She performed as a Teenage Neighbor in the 2019 film “American Hangman” that same year. She did, however, become well-known after appearing in the Canadian TV series Letterkenny. Kamilla has played Bonnie McMurray on stage. This show premiered in 2016 and is still airing today.

About 10 seasons of the Letterkenny programme have been produced. The series’ Bonnie McMurray is a much-loved character.

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Boyfriend & Relationships 

According to rumors, hockey and golf player Luke McCaw is Kamilla’s boyfriend. No one knows when they first started dating, but he first gained notoriety in 2019 after she shared a photo of them together. Since then, they have frequently been spotted in public together. Furthermore, they don’t hold back when posting photos of the places they go to together on their social media profiles.

kamilla kowal plastic surgery

Kamilla’s surgery insights

Kamilla Kowal is remarkably unassuming and private for someone who is well-known and famous. Her public appearances are few and far between. Her distance from controversies is unimaginable. The plastic surgery allegations seem to be the most scandalous aspect of her career, after all. 

kamilla kowal plastic surgery

Fans think that Kamilla Kowal has had lip fillers and a nose job, in addition to other rumours about her plastic surgery.

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Given how typical nose jobs are, it must have been assumed that she had one. Her lips also appear larger, which gave confirmations to fans’ speculations.

kamilla kowal plastic surgery

In conclusion, the actress from The New Romantic does have lips that appear artificially enlarged, indicating that she has had lip fillers. She probably didn’t get a nose job. If she did, it’s great because it’s so subtly done. Botox and fillers therefore do not really constitute plastic surgery, but if she had lip fillers, she undoubtedly underwent plastic surgery.

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However, Kamilla Kowal has never confirmed these rumours, so they are just fan speculations. She also hasn’t denied them. She underwent plastic surgery, if you consider her silence to be a confirmation.