Kanye West Launches Antisemitic Tirade Over Instagram Restrictions

Kanye West’s week, which saw him wearing a shirt with the message “White Lives Matter” and an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s fanatically far-right show, concluded with him tweeting antisemitic vitriol.

I’m a bit weary tonight but when I wake up I’m gonna dead sic,” Kanye West wrote on Twitter late Saturday, just after Instagram had restricted his account over prior posts that were believed to be antisemitic.

Against Jewish People, Point 3 Ironically, I can’t be anti-Semitic because black people are Jews too.

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You have been playing with my emotions and making an example out of anyone who disagrees with your goal.
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Kanye West Launches Antisemitic Tirade Over Instagram Restrictions

Twitter eventually suspended his account.

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After years of being outspoken about mental health issues, the rapper has taken a swing from performance-art conservative to a genuine bigot.

Suffice it to add, however, that the latest edition of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders does not include outbursts of anti-Jewish hatred among its recognized disorders (DSM).
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