Kanye West Says He Feels Hurt that People Think He Is “Crazy”

In response to the label of “mad,” Kanye West speaks out.

The 45-year-old rapper, who has been at the center of controversy for quite some time, made these comments during the second half of his sit-down interview with Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, which aired on Friday “That “Oh he’s insane, he’s crazy” line keeps coming up. Furthermore, hearing comments like that always cuts me deep.”

“The fact that anyone may ask, ‘Hey, are you okay?’ saddens me deeply.”

A fellow rapper named Boosie Badazz previously known as Lil Boosie had attacked West’s White Lives Matter t-shirt, and West responded with a disturbing tweet.

In an all-caps tweet that has since been removed but was caught and posted, he said, “Don’t comment on me Lil Boosie speak to me.”

Kanye West Says He Feels Hurt that People Think He Is "Crazy"

Extending his point, West said, “Hit me with a bat or fire a gun at me. The entire community of Black celebrities picked on me. I’ve returned to blow up the school with a gun.”

With the support of their ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, West has spoken publicly about his struggle with bipolar disorder.

The 41-year-old reality TV actress revealed in the January 2019 issue of Vogue that her husband has accepted the diagnosis of bipolar disorder but has chosen not to take medication to manage his condition.

She said at the time, “For him, being on medication is not really an option, because it simply changes who he is.” She went on to say that the couple had gotten to a “fairly good point” in his mental health journey.

Kanye West Says He Feels Hurt that People Think He Is "Crazy"

She explained, “It is an emotional process, for sure.” “Currently, everything is pretty tranquil. However, we are able to predict and prepare for episodes.”

The “Stronger” rapper defended his White Lives Matter clothing line during part one of his interview with Carlson. Kanye West introduced the line at his Yeezy Season 9 presentation during Paris Fashion Week.

“It’s just energy I channel, but sometimes I act on hunches. Intuitively, it makes sense. It involves trusting one’s intuition, developing a spiritual connection, and employing one’s wits to great effect “West gave an explanation for his innovative decision.

Right-wing commentator Candace Owens was also wearing the shirt in a backstage selfie with West, and he described how his father, Ray West, reacted to it.

Kanye West Says He Feels Hurt that People Think He Is "Crazy"

“My dad, a savvy ex-Black Panther, texted me the words “White Lives Matter” earlier today. Laughing out loud, “It was a memory he couldn’t shake. “And I remarked, “That’s a hilarious shirt, man. Putting it on myself was a hilarious idea. And I asked my dad, “Why did you find that funny?” He simply stated, “I am a Black man saying the obvious.”

Next, the Donda performer said: “Among the responses given, that one stood out as my favorite. People want an explanation, and some may suggest that artists are exempt from this requirement, but leaders must always justify their decisions.”

“If you’re wondering why I made a shirt proclaiming “White Lives Matter,” it’s because it’s true. That much is self-evident “The West declared.