Kanye West’s Instagram: Who Is Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr?

One of the most contentious figures in the industry is Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., better known by his stage name Perez Hilton. More times than one could count, Hilton has found herself at the focus of attention due to her involvement in court disputes, scandals, and other problems.

A Timeline of Hilton’s Career

Hilton, a March 1978 Miami, Florida, native, has been passionate about acting ever before he graduated from high school in 1996. But by trying blogging, he got a head start on his protracted career. He began by working as a freelancer for several LGBT-friendly organizations and as a managing editor, public relations assistant, etc.

Kanye West's Instagram: Who Is Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr?

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And although he first simply started blogging because “it sounded easy,” it nonetheless turned out to be quite a hit as it began to attract the attention of all different audiences. However, Perez Hilton’s divisive, fiery, and unedited blogs that he writes about are mostly to blame for that.

Hilton’s blogs include a wide range of topics, from recognizing and supporting his favorite performers to discussing about the hottest celebrity rumors and standing out against unfair and discriminating behavior.

What Did Kanye West Say on Instagram?

On February 17, Kanye poked fun at Perez on Instagram. He posted a photo of the blogger and stated, “I have a direct question for Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. Do you find humor in jokes regarding mental health?

Why Kanye posted that statement is unknown. However, it’s plausible that it’s connected to some of the news coverage Perez provided. Perez quickly went online in response to Kanye’s article and shared the same ideas.


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“The ex of #KimKardashian has a question for me,” he added. In addition to extending an invitation, this is my reaction to Kanye West. If you DM me with your PO Box information, I’ll give you a ton of @MyTrueTen. It could definitely benefit you in so many ways, in my opinion! Anyone else interested in purchasing my #CBD gummies can do so by visiting MyTrue10.com through the link in my bio.

While writing: “#Kanye, if you want to genuinely chat – come be a guest on PerezPodcast.com,” he said in another post.

Have Perez Hilton and Kanye West Met Before?

Perez uploaded an old photo of himself and the rapper with Kanye West while responding to the rapper. The photograph’s capture date is unknown.


However, based on the picture, it appears that the two had previously met at a number of social gatherings.

Personal Life

Hilton has three children in total, all of whom were born through surrogacy. His first child, Mario Armando Lavandeira III, arrived in February 2013. He then welcomed Mia Alma Lavandeira in May 2015 and Mayte Amor in October 2017.

Kanye West's Instagram: Who Is Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr?

But Hilton has frequently come under fire for his “questionable parenting,” particularly in 2018 when he gained notoriety for expressing the wish that his son would be straight because “that would be easier than Mario being gay.”

Controversies and Scandals

Hilton has been involved in a number of contentious situations in the past. He has always been outspoken about being gay, but it seems the blogger doesn’t see it that way. Hilton has been charged with outing a number of famous people who he thought might be “closeted gay celebrities.”

Kanye West's Instagram: Who Is Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr?

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And he has received a lot of criticism for the same thing. He has fought with several well-known people, like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Ariana Grande, to mention a few.

When Zomba Label Group claimed that Hilton had posted Britney Spears recordings on his well-known blog site, PerezHilton.com, illegally, they launched a copy infringement lawsuit against him in October 2007.