Who Is Albert Omstead in Cobra Kai? Explaining the 4th Season Tribute!

Ahead, we’ll tell you more about Albert Omstead, the professional who has been mentioned in a Cobra Kai season 4 tribute to Robert Mark Kamen’s wildly successful reboot of The Karate Kid flicks.

Cobra Kai, created by Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, picks up decades after the events of the All Valley Karate Tournament in 1984 and reunites Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence in the present day while also introducing viewers to brand new members of the school.

Respect to Cobra Kai for Season 4

Followers of Cobra Kai were quick to catch sight of a homage shown in the season four closing credits.

The name Albert Omstead was mentioned in an “In Memoriam” segment at the end of Episode 7.

Johnny Lawrence’s stepfather, Sid Weinberg (Ed Asner), was honored with an In Memoriam segment at the end of the pilot episode.

What Is Albert Omstead’s Deal?

karate kid albert omstead

Omstead was a part of Cobra Kai’s Camera and Electrical department, where he worked on 21 episodes.

The unfortunate death of the crewmember occurred on July 19, 2021, as a result of a domestic incident.

Olmstead’s resume includes many other hit shows and movies, including Spider-Man: Homecoming, Stranger Things, and The Walking Dead.

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Family of The Late Professional Omstead

Omstead’s relatives said that he died in a strange accident at his home when a wall collapsed on him and that this was widely publicized in the media.

Scott Wachtel, the crew member’s brother-in-law, spoke to 11 Alive about the tragedy, saying, “The garage door was closed and there was a van parked right here (in front of garage), so he couldn’t run this way (towards garage), he couldn’t run this way (away from the garage) because the rest of the wall was collapsing over here, so he had nowhere to go.”

To elaborate, Wachtel said, “Had he gone out there five minutes earlier or five minutes later, our world would be an altogether different place right now.”

Netflix has recently added season four of Cobra Kai.

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