Kardashian Fans Are Split Over Kris Jenner’s All-Green Refrigerator as She Once Again Shows It out In Fresh Photos at Her $20 Million Home!

Kardashian Fans Are Split Over Kris Jenner's All-Green Refrigerator as She Once Again Shows It out In Fresh Photos at Her $20 Million Home!

KRIS Jenner keeps becoming more natural, this time offering followers a peek into her fully stocked vegetable refrigerator.

The fate of all that food has divided supporters.

With her friend Faye Resnick, Kris Jenner poses next to her green refrigerator.

The momager’s completely filled refrigerator has drawn both acclaim and criticism.

The mother shared a recent photo of her and her best friend Faye Resnick in front of Kris’ clear greens refrigerator while expressing her birthday wishes for her friend.

Every type of green fruit and vegetable, including lettuce, broccoli, and Granny Smith apples, were present in the cooler.

The entire tray beneath was filled only with green grapes, while the entire watermelon was completely framed in the center.

Kardashian Fans Are Split Over Kris Jenner's All-Green Refrigerator as She Once Again Shows It out In Fresh Photos at Her $20 Million Home!

Online followers have had to decide between the visual appearance of the vegetables and the fridge’s functionality.

One admirer inquired, perplexed, “Why is no one mentioning in regards to the full inexperienced fridge?”

Others added their comments, describing the vast ice field as “amazing” and “inspiring.”

However, other supporters believed that being a novice wasn’t easy and were turned off by the color-coordinated equipment, claiming that it was a waste of space and food.

One person wrote on social media, “Something tells me that 90% of that green fridge got thrown away and nobody ate it.”

Kris has received criticism for her refrigerator before.

The 66-year-old opened the doors to her kitchen in a recent Poosh issue, allowing readers to see her extensive home furnishings.

Kris has two refrigerators, “of which the middle one is the showstopper with currant fruit, greens, and herbs all completely organized and on display,” according to the location.

Her huge freezer is “always stocked with her favorite choice of ice cream,” while another fridge keeps drinks, sauces, and other items.

However, some fans weren’t delighted and expressed their disappointment in an online chat forum.

One topic website said, “Can you imagine being their chef and having to manage 15 fully different color-coordinated fridges?”

Commenters Provided Feedback Below:

One individual pleaded, “What dystopian timeline is that this?” The way they flaunt their wealth is disgusting.

Another person continued: “And to imagine there are little kids that bring food home from school on weekends so they don’t go hungry. This extra is both astounding and upsetting.

Kris’ refrigerator for vegetables is really a small portion of a much larger cold storage system.

There are actually three refrigerators in total, each stocked with a sizable amount of chilled delights.

Another was devoted to different kinds of chopped-up berries in various styles, dairy products, eggs, and bread.

Along with bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne, that refrigerator also has bottles of still and sparkling water.

The third refrigerator, which is designated for sweets and delights, had a top-shelf with revolving lazy susans holding little ice cream cartons while the regular tubs were neatly arranged on the bottom level.

Kris offered a wide variety of flavor options, including vanilla, strawberry, dulce de leche, and chocolate.

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