Kaspersky launches “low cost” security platform for small businesses

Kaspersky has launched a free platform with tips and tricks for small businesses to help them improve their digital security. The new platform Kaspersky Cybersecurity On a Budget provides a set of recommendations and specific tips.

The solution now presented includes the protection of data and communications , the safe use of multiple digital platforms, the security of websites and much more.

Kaspersky Cybersecurity On a Budget

Kaspersky Cybersecurity On a Budget Platform

Financial difficulties of the companies will be permanent

Kaspersky Cybersecurity On a Budget comes to overcome difficulties detected in a study carried out by the security company, according to which in almost half (47%) of European companies, the financial difficulties experienced during the last months will likely become permanent, so leaders will have to surgically choose where to invest.

The study also reveals that this choice is often not in favor of cybersecurity. More than half (47% of European small businesses find it difficult to finance improvements related to their cybersecurity, even recognizing the importance of protecting themselves against these types of threats.

Kaspersky Platform to respond to PMR

Kaspersky’s “Cybersecurity On a Budget” platform was designed in this context. In the three main sections of the platform, users can learn best practices in relation to most general routines and processes of any business, such as safeguarding customer databases, reports and other important data; and also how to spend less on IT and organize a company’s internal and external communication.

In addition to the general recommendations, there are guidelines for the specific needs of companies – for example, if a company operates in the health sector, works with intellectual property or hires freelancers. All these aspects require additional actions to protect data or comply with authorities’ requirements. These actions are shared in an interactive format, in which the user must answer a brief question and then receive a tip to help them acquire, quickly and simply, the recommendation they need.

*) All advice is short but actionable, with instructions that can be implemented quickly and that do not require extensive computer or cybersecurity knowledge. In other words, any entrepreneur or employee of the company is able to use this hub. For those who want to go further, the cards suggest links to specific posts on the site from Kaspersky.

“We are confident that, by following basic rules, organizations can achieve an essential level of protection and cybersecurity, in a short period of time and without additional resources . Whether it’s a small construction company, a cafe or a marketing agency, the platform can be used by any individual”, comments Evgeniya Naumova, Vice President of Kaspersky’s Global Sales Network.

And he adds: “The pandemic has hit small businesses violently, so budgets and resources can be limited these days. This is another argument for investing some time to read and implement recommendations that will help them keep your business protected.”Kaspersky Cybersecurity On a Budget

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