Here’s The Truth About Kate Middleton’s Baby Botox!

Rumors about Kate having undergone plastic surgery and Botox started and came to light after a London Based Plastic Surgeon made some claims on Instagram. The Princess of Wales’ reaction to the rumors is surely an example of stopping speculations with grace and composure.

Who is Kate Middleton?

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, who is fondly known as Kate Middleton, The Princess of Wales,  was born on 9th January 1982 in Berkshire, England. She is a member of the British Royal Family. She is the wife of William, Prince of Wales, who is the next heir to the British throne, making Catherine the next queen consort.

kate middleton plastic surgery

Her Early life


Kate Middleton grew up in Buckle bury, Berkshire. She did her initial schooling from St. Andrews School and graduated from Marlborough College.
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 She then began studying art history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. This is where she met Prince William in the year 2001.

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Her Relationship with Prince William

Middleton and Prince William stayed at St. Salvatore’s Hall at the University of St. Andrews together in 2001 when they were both students.

According to reports, the two started dating around 2003. Given that they became closer, news of Kate as the Prince’s girlfriend began to circulate. Middleton lived in a flat with William and two other friends during their second year.

kate middleton plastic surgery

In 2004, the couple broke up but re-kinded their romance soon after the short split.

Middleton and Prince William got engaged in October 2010, in Maasai Mara, Kenya.  The couple had gone to a 10-day trip to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for the celebration of William’s passing of the RAF helicopter search and rescue course. Prince William gave Kate a beautiful diamond engagement ring,which belonged to his mother, Princess Diana.

Clarence House officially announced their engagement on 16 November, 2010. Middleton’s first public appearance with Prince William after their engagement was at a fundraising event in December 2010. 

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The couple tied the knot in Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011, which was coincidentally St. Catherine’s Day.  Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding day was declared as a bank holiday in the United Kingdom.

They are parents to three childrenPrince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Their connection, which developed from courtship to marriage and then having three children, is the epitome of unadulterated and pure love.

kate middleton plastic surgery

The Princess’ Plastic Surgery!

Kate Middleton has always been a breathtakingly gorgeous woman, and she has aged gracefully. Despite being 40 years old, she doesn’t appear to be ageing much on the face. The Princess has several beauty secrets.
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It is said that she uses a face flannel every night to cleanse her face properly after which she applies rosehip oil for getting radiant and glowing skin.

Her perfect skin having almost negligible signs of aging has led to many speculations about the Princess having had a Baby Botox. Baby Botox is almost similar to traditional Botox procedure but is administered in lighter doses and results in a more natural appearance.

These speculations were started when a London-based plastic surgeon, Munir Somji, the chief medical officer of Dr. Medi Spa clinic  posted supposed before-and-after photos of Kate on Instagram. 

“Our Kate loves a bit of baby Botox,” the docotr said in the caption of the post. He also mentioned and pointed out signs of plastic surgery , like refined forehead lines and an elevated eyebrow tail.

kate middleton plastic surgery

After the post went viral, Kensington Palace reacted swiftly with composure to the claims. It released an official statement, denying the rumors that the princess has ever undergone Botox procedure. In a response which the palace shared through the New York Post, a spokesperson for the royal family said that the claims by the plastic surgeon were, “categorically not true.” “In addition, The Royal Family never endorses commercial activity,” the statement continued.

It seems to us that those claims by Dr. Medi Spa Clinic were totally baseless and false and were a method to gain popularity by using the princess’ name. The so called ‘Before-After’ Images of the post must have been edited before posting on instagram.

So, it is quite evident that Princess Kate Middleton has never had Botox or plastic surgery of any kind. Although Kate might not have gotten cosmetic treatments herself, there were many women who were fascinated by her beauty and were inspired to undergo plastic surgeries and tried to look like Kate. In the year 2013, it was reported that many New-York resident females were rushing to the plastic surgeons to get “Kate Middleton’s nose.”