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Kate Middleton Says Naming Her Children Is a Big Stress; Maternity Unit Rejoices to Meet Royal

Kate Middleton Says Naming Her Children Is a Big Stress; Maternity Unit Rejoices to Meet Royal

Kate Middleton recently spoke to new parents about the challenges she and Prince William faced while deciding on names for their three children.

Princess Kate, age 40, stopped by the Royal Surrey County Hospital’s maternity ward on Wednesday. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, visited with staff and a number of new parents who had recently given birth.
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She was toured around by the deputy director of midwifery, Amy Stubbs, who told People that the Princess of Wales had a natural rapport with the new parents she met.

During their stay there, Middleton revealed that she and Prince William carefully considered each name before settling on the ones they’ve given to their three children: Prince George (now nine), Princess Charlotte (now seven), and Prince Louis (now four).

“She mostly merely shared details about her own family, such as the names they’d given their children. Many expectant parents have asked her about the process by which Kate and William selected their son’s name “That’s what Stubbs said.

“She claimed they were their favorite names, and everyone was waiting for them to have children, so that was a lot of pressure,” he recalled. Stubbs joked that it needed to be spoken.

Middleton went to a hospital in Guildford, England, to learn about contemporary standards of obstetric care. As a public figure, the Duchess of Cambridge has made it her mission to advance health services for expectant and nursing mothers and their children in the United Kingdom.

“She was really charming. She met and spoke with parents and their newborns across the board, and she spoke with several of the staff members who worked there “That’s what Stubbs wanted to contribute.

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“It was a great validation for us as a service that she took the time to come and visit us, and it made everyone very happy to have that opportunity.”

The medical staff member told People that it was “wonderful” to experience the royal’s support for maternity care.

She said that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was “especially interested in maternal mental health” and the ways in which the hospital helps expectant and new mothers.

She spent a lot of time talking to the employees and families about how that element of the care made them feel, according to Stubbs.

In recent years, Middleton has devoted a lot of her writing to topics related to motherhood and childhood.

To hasten the ultimate goal of aiding children and families, she established the Centre for Early Childhood in 2021.

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She also persisted in pushing for policy changes that would highlight the value of nurturing a child’s early years.

Kate Middleton traveled to Denmark earlier this year to meet with Danish early childhood development experts, parents, and practitioners. During her two-day solo royal tour, she visited several locations across the country.

Middleton said in an Instagram video announcing the royal tour, “Denmark is a beacon of best practice in its approach to the early years which honors the roles of parents and results in both communities of support and government policies that ensure the best start to life.”

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