Kate Moss Relationship History: Have A Look At Her Most Memorable Loves

Kate Moss Relationship History

Kate Moss Relationships

The first thing to know about Kate Moss’s love life is that she’s never stopped working her butt off for the camera. Moss is enjoying the launch of her new Equipment capsule line, even as she is going through a divorce from her spouse of four years, Jamie Hince. How many other men have had the good fortune to be her partner?

Rumors of short-lived relationships with Lenny Kravitz, Rhys Ifans, and Russell Brand, among others, have been floating around for a while now, particularly during the 1990s when she rose to prominence and defined grunge waif chic. There were others who were more than simply tabloid fodder, and unfortunately, many of them didn’t make it in the end.

Moss appears to have a soft spot for romance. The harsh and swift tumble she’s taken has taught her a lesson or two, perhaps. On the one hand, you can see a glance back at some of her most significant past and present relationships. The next Prince Charming is possibly just around the corner for a currently single and extremely successful Moss. What if he’s not? She’ll be alright, we’re confident.

Johnny Depp

Why Did Johnny Depp, Kate Moss Break Up? Real Split Reason Explained | StyleCaster

The Café Tabac in New York City is where 20-year-old Moss first met 31-year-old Johnny Depp. It was common to see the two of them becoming physical during their four-year relationship. “There’s nobody that’s ever really been able to take care of me,” she told the press years after their hot romance ended. It was Johnny’s job for a while.”

Antony Langdon

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Despite only seeing Moss for a year, from 1998 to 1999, thanks to Liv Tyler (who was seeing Langdon’s brother at the time), the Spacehog guitarist decided to propose to her after just three months of dating. I’m guessing she wasn’t ready to make a long-term commitment just yet.

Jefferson Hack

A Look Back at Kate Moss's Greatest Loves | Vogue

As a result of an interview he conducted with Moss for Dazed and Confused, Hack and Moss began dating in 2001. Lila Grace was born to Moss and her husband in 2002. “You smell like pee,” he is said to have allegedly said to the supermodel. When she married Jamie Hince in 2011, Hack was there to celebrate with her.

Pete Doherty

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Pete Doherty, a former Libertines frontman, was Moss’s most difficult relationship, lasting from 2005 until 2007. For a time Doherty told the press, “I love her with all of my heart.” I adore her skeletal structure. Her intellect is one of my favorite things about her. After a few seconds, he continued, “It was like the Vietnam War. I was always running from gunshots.”

Jamie Hince

Kate Moss Divorce With Jamie Hince: Settlement & New Boyfriend | Glamour UK

Jamie And Katie met through mutual acquaintances in 2007 and became engaged two years later. A lavish English rural wedding in which Moss wore a custom Galliano gown and had 15 bridesmaids in tow took place to tie the knot the newlyweds. Sadly, Moss’s longest relationship did not survive—they divorced in a contentious fashion late last year.

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