Kathy Barnette Controversy- Kathy Barnette Targeted Muslims, LGBTQ Individuals, and Obama in Her Tweets!

Kathy Barnette, a Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, has a history of anti-Muslim and anti-LGBTQ attitudes on social media, as well as conspiracy theories regarding former President Barack Obama.

Barnette’s social media posts have gotten a lot of attention because she has gotten a lot of buzz in the carefully watched Pennsylvania election, stunning — and alarming — many powerful Republicans in Washington.Former President Donald Trump cautioned Republicans on Thursday that Barnette’s political experience would prevent her from winning a general election in Pennsylvania. Trump has endorsed Mehmet Oz, a celebrity TV doctor.

Many things regarding her past, Trump claims, have “not been fully explained or vetted.” However, if they are clarified, she will have a “promising future” in the Republican Party. Barnette has resonated with the Republican grassroots, according to Trump friend Steve Bannon, by refusing to concede her own 2020 House contest loss.

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kathy barnette controversy

“It’s MAGA vs. ULTRA MAGA in Pennsylvania,” Bannon declared. Barnette told NBC News that Trump’s remarks are a step forward, and she is eager to collaborate with Republicans. “We know President Trump doesn’t mince words,” she explained. “He’s a straightforward shooter. And I’m excited to collaborate with the president.”

“I’m excited to collaborate with them in order to win a crucial seat. Not just in Pennsylvania, but throughout the United States, “she continued.

Barnette has insulted Islam and Muslims in tweets dating back to 2013, and has reposted conspiracy theories claiming Obama is a Muslim. Several of Barnette’s tweets came from his Facebook page. Many of the tweets include links to Facebook postings and videos that have since been removed.

“Pedophilia Is a Cornerstone of Islam,” Barnette Said in One of The Tweets

Yes, but, as Barnette explained to NBC News, “That isn’t me, I’m afraid. That is something I would never say. Okay, I would never say something like that because I don’t believe it.”

Islam and Muslims In her tweets regarding Islam, Barnette claims that “moderate Muslim(s)” and “radical Muslim(s)” are the same. Note that Barnette singled out Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) for her belief in a 2019 tweet.

Obama-Related Conspiracy Theories

kathy barnette controversy

Barnette’s anti-Obama tweets focused on the incorrect notion that Obama, a Christian, is a Muslim. Trump has spent years lying about Obama’s beliefs and encouraging “birther” conspiracy theories. Anti-LGBTQ remarks Barnette has also made anti-LGBTQ remarks on Twitter.

Barnette also made derogatory remarks about Muslims, Islam, and Obama in speeches, according to CNN. Find out more about Republican Senate candidate Kathy Barnette of Pennsylvania.

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Republicans are worried about a ‘ultra-MAGA’ senator from Pennsylvania. Trump advises the GOP not to nominate Kathy Barnette in Pennsylvania.

In response to Donald Trump’s statement on Thursday claiming she can’t win the general election,

“In the second paragraph, [Trump] remarked, ‘If she gets through, she’ll make it.’ She will have a fantastic career. And I’ll be there to back her up.’ And we all know how President Trump expresses himself. He’s a straightforward shooter. And I’m excited to collaborate with the president.”

On why Trump uttered the first portion of his statement – that Hillary can’t win –”Because he [Mehmet Oz] has endorsed him.” So, yeah, he’ll remain with that endorsement.”

Concerning Abortion


“I am pleased that our country is debating one of the most fundamental issues of our time: how do we think about life?” Right? Especially the lives of some of the most vulnerable people. You know my tale, and some of your listeners probably do as well. However, I am the result of a rape. And I’ve been quite clear about the fact that I am a staunch pro-lifer.”

Pedophilia is a cornerstone of Islam, she tweeted in 2015.

“No, I don’t believe that’s me.” That is something I would never say. Okay, I would never say something like that because I don’t believe it.” On why she planned buses to attend Trump’s rally on January 6th, she said

“I feel about Jan. 6 how the left feels about the summer of 2020, when Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other people are looting and plundering and everyone is calling it primarily peaceful protests with buildings being burned down behind them.” The First Amendment guarantees five freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to petition the government with grievances, freedom to assemble, and freedom of the press.

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What She Says to Republicans Concerned About Her Candidacy

“I’ll see you in January – on the 18th of May.” And I’m looking forward to collaborating with them to win a crucial seat. Not just in Pennsylvania, but throughout the United States.” Our quick thoughts: Pennsylvania is ideal for a late surge contender because it is a closed-primary state with no tradition of early voting. Also: competitor Barnette is the target of a new TV campaign from David McCormick’s Super PAC.